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Santanu M HealthAdvicer is your place to read medical advice and honest reviews about all things related to Health and Beauty! Who We Are. Health Advicer is run and operated by Santanu Majumdar, a health and fitness enthusiast! . I’ve been in the health and personal care industry for 8 years, first as the owner of a bath & body boutique and then as a health and fitness writer.

Hi, I’ m Santanu Majumdar, HealthAdvicer and my goal are to provide correct, accurate and updated information on all health related topics on Fitness, Disease, Beauty and Skincare, Women’s Health, Childcare and many more.

Why HealthAdvicer and How it was started?

Back in 2009, The year when my world literally got shook when I got to know that my Lovely and beautiful MOM has blood cancer. I remember I used to spend hours searching the internet about cancer, is there any treatment, how to take care of cancer patients, how long does cancer patients lives etc.

I remember there was not a single website or blog which can give all the information in one place. It was really frustrating, spending hours of time on the internet hoping to find some good information.

I’m not a “health professional” or a doctor – I am just a guy wants to make sure other people like you don’t have to spend hours on the internet to find all the answers to your question, but one single place where you can have all your answers.

At HealthAdvicer.com you’ll find disease-related tips, beauty and skincare tips and natural remedies, home remedies, various product reviews and so much more.

Enough about me, I want to know about you! Come and join us here, say hi in the comments of a post that looks interesting to you and tell me about how you ended up here.


Santanu Majumdar

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