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Scleroderma – Types, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Scleroderma is a chronic and rare disease resulting in the hardening and tightening of the affected person’s connective tissues and skin. It is a group of diseases affecting women more than men. It commonly occurs in people between the ages of thirty and fifty. You need to understand that no […]

Milk Allergy

Milk Allergy: Symptoms, Causes, Diet, And Treatment

Milk allergy refers to the response of your body’s immune system when you consume milk and/or products containing milk. The abnormal reaction is common among children. In most cases, cow’s milk triggers an allergic reaction. But, an allergic reaction can also occur due to consuming milk from goats, sheep, buffalo, […]

potassium deficieny

Potassium Deficiency – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Potassium deficiency or hypokalemia is a condition occurring due to the lack of enough potassium in the body. Potassium (K) is an electrolyte and mineral that is essential to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. So, losing it due to prolonged diarrhea, vomiting, any underlying health condition, or taking […]

PMS And Pregnancy Symptoms

PMS And Pregnancy Symptoms – What Are the Differences

Are you trying to figure out the difference between PMS and pregnancy symptoms? Many women wonder whether they are pregnant or expecting a period. The question only triggers anxiety, excitement, and anticipation for many women.  Before beginning your monthly cycle, you can experience certain changes in your body. Such symptoms […]

Face Shields The Next Step to Prevent COVID

Face Shields The Next Step to Prevent COVID-19

Can you consider face shields the next step to prevent COVID-19? It is the latest discussion that has attracted the attention of scientists and other health experts. With the novel coronavirus wreaking havoc in the lives of lakhs of people, the health organizations across the world are trying new ways […]

Coronavirus Protection for People With CLL

Coronavirus Protection for People With CLL

It is important to ensure coronavirus protection for people with CLL. People suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) face a high risk of catching the virus and suffer from severe complications due to their existing condition. With the novel coronavirus creating havoc around the world and spreading like a wildfire, […]

Best Face Mask Options for Coronavirus Protection

Best Face Mask Options for Coronavirus Protection

Trying to choose the best face mask options for coronavirus protection? Then, along with other protective measures, you need to opt for wearing a protective cover. Using a mask along with physical or social distancing and proper hand hygiene will keep you safe from SARS-CoV-2 infection. The protective you choose […]

COVID-19 Risks When You Have Mantle Cell Lymphoma

COVID-19 Risks When You Have Mantle Cell Lymphoma

What are the COVID-19 risks when you have mantle cell lymphoma? The novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus that has affected lakhs of people across the globe. It has also resulted in high death rates. While the infection is like the flu, it triggers severe complications in people […]