Coronavirus Protection for People With CLL

Coronavirus Protection for People With CLL

It is important to ensure coronavirus protection for people with CLL. People suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) face a high risk of catching the virus and suffer from severe complications due to their existing condition. With the novel coronavirus creating havoc around the world and spreading like a wildfire, cancer patients are concerned about their safety. Instead of panicking, you can take proactive steps to keep yourself free from the virus infection and safeguard your health. Read ahead to know how to prevent infections, the different aspects of the disease, how to manage it, and when to seek medical assistance. It will help you get the best care during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Protection for People With CLL

Need For Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL

Need For Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL

Novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 is a new strain affecting the lungs and triggering severe complications. But, in healthy people, the virus can only cause mild to moderate symptoms. It is dangerous when the infected person suffers from any underlying medical condition. So, people who suffer from the following condition need to maintain caution:

The virus transmits from an infected person to another through the respiratory droplets that travel through the air when they cough, sneeze or talk. So, people who come in close contact with an infected person always face the risk of getting the infection. But, if you have low immunity due to the above-mentioned conditions, your risk is higher compared to a healthy person.

About Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Cancer is a disease that develops when normal cells start to grow out of control. The cells in any part of your body can suffer from malignant cells. It can also spread to other parts of the body. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL is the most common type of leukemia affecting adults. Cancer can start in the white cells known as lymphocytes present in the bone marrow. So, the development of malignant cells occurs in the bone marrow, but it can spread into the blood. When a person suffers from CLL, the malignant cells accumulated slowly. So, when a person develops CLL, they may not observe any symptoms for at least a few years. As time progresses, the cells tend to grow abnormally and spread to other areas of the body. So, you can develop malignant cells in the lymph nodes, spleen, and liver.

About Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Spleen affected by CLL

The term chronic in CLL refers to the fact that the malignancy progresses more lowly compared to other leukemia types. While lymphocytic in chronic lymphocytic leukemia refer to the cells affected by cancer. Lymphocytes are affected by cancer, which is a group of white blood cells. These cells are responsible for fighting infection in your body.

Why It Is Necessary To Get Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL?

When a person develops CLL, it takes a lot of years for the symptoms to appear. When the affected person catches COVID-19, it becomes impossible to get the necessary assistance at the right time. It is because the characteristics of chronic lymphocytic leukemia can mask the signs of coronavirus infection. So, it puts the life of the infected person at risk. Another important thing to note is people who get exposed to the virus see longer incubation periods. It means people who suffer from CLL can see longer coronavirus incubation period (more than 14 days). The compromised immune system results in the longer-than-normal incubation period.

For diagnosing the infection, doctors have to use better diagnostic strategies. So, they use radiomics (the superior CT differential techniques). So, it is necessary to get coronavirus protection for people with CLL. They need to inform their doctor regarding the symptoms to get a conclusive diagnosis. Else, they can suffer severe complications.

Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL: High-Risk Cases

Are all cancer patients at risk of getting coronavirus infection? Or only people who are currently undergoing treatment face the risk of COVID-19. According to the doctor here are the high-risk group that needs to maintain extra caution.

People With Blood Malignancies

Patients who suffer from blood malignancies like non-Hodgkin lymphoma, acute myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma, and acute lymphoblastic leukemia are at a virus. It is also important to enhance coronavirus protection for people with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) as they are vulnerable to the infection.

Undergone Transplants

COVID-19 is also a serious issue for patients you are seeking active treatment for cancer. So, people who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other treatment needs to maintain caution. People who have undergone bone marrow transplant also need to need to take steps to reduce the risk.

Immunosuppressed Individuals

People with low immunity like the ones suffering from other health problems or older people can also face the risk of severe complications.

Since you have no specific treatment to cure novel coronavirus infection or any vaccinations to prevent the condition, the best option to avoid illness is to prevent it. Avoiding exposure to coronavirus is the main technique to reduce risk.

Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL: Steps You Need To Take When You Get Infected

As a person with cancer has high chances of catching any infection, like coronavirus, you need to observe for the symptoms. If you observe shortness of breath, coughing, and fever, then you need to take proactive steps to deal with it. You also need to take the steps when you suspect coming in contact with an infected person. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Inform Your Oncologist

You need to call your oncologist to inform you about your suspicions. It is better not to visit the hospital before talking to your doctor. It is because you put the staff and other patients at risk of exposure. So, get advice from your doctor and follow it.

Never Stop Treatment

You must never stop your treatment unless your oncologist suggest it. Your healthcare team will develop a treatment plan to take care of you with the confirmed COVID-19 results.

Isolate Yourself

You need to stay in your room and avoid contact with others. While you are in isolation, it does not mean you are alone. You can connect with your loved ones using the phone or online tools. Engage with others through virtual platforms. So, it helps you overcome quarantine fatigue without compromising on your safety or exposing others to illness.


You need to take rest and hydrate by drinking enough fluids when you are recovering from the infection.

Emergency Help

Get medical attention immediately when you observe severe symptoms. With prompt medical attention, you can avoid any unwanted complications.

When you recover at home, cutting yourself off from the outside world may seem like a challenge. But, you need to find your inner strength to get over this obstacle in your life.

Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL When A Family Member Develops Symptoms

Your family is your support system when you suffer from serious illnesses like cancer. But, if someone from your family gets COVID-19, then you must maintain caution. While you may not want to avoid them, taking some steps will help you avoid the infection from spreading to other vulnerable people. So, you have to follow the steps suggested below to ensure coronavirus protection for people with CLL when someone else in the family develops the symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

If someone in your family shows signs of COVID-19, then stay away from them. You need to keep a distance when talking to them. If possible, stay in your room and have less contact with others. Doctors suggest isolating the sick person from a patient suffering from any cancer.

Use Gloves And Mask

You need to use gloves and a mask when you have a person in your household showing symptoms.  Wash your hands after handling the gloves and mask.

Clean And Disinfect

Clean And Disinfect

Clean and disinfect the areas used by the sick person thoroughly. Focus on the high-touch surfaces. After cleaning, wipe down the surfaces with disinfectant. Also, wash the clothes of the sick person separately and dry them at a hot temperature.

Assign A Caretaker

If possible, assign a single person in your family to care for the sick person. You need to minimize contact with the sick person. Never take along the sick person for your cancer appointments. Even if they show mild symptoms, it is better to let them stay back.

Steps To Ensure The Best Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL

CLL patients face a huge risk of suffering from severe complications when they catch novel coronavirus infection. So, they need to maintain extreme caution and strictly follow the restrictive steps suggested by the health department and doctor. These steps help avoid the risk of contamination as well as the spread of infection. According to the doctors, people suffering from different types of blood cancers or malignancy of bone marrow like leukemia need to stay at home. But, does it mean you have to forgo your cancer treatment? No, delaying or deferring treatment can only make you vulnerable to COVID-19. So, getting the treatment at the right time is essential for survival compared to the excessive precautionary measures. So, follow the suggestions provided:

Discuss Treatment Options

You need to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. If you are undergoing a specific therapy to control your disease, then schedule a day to get the necessary treatment. You can stockpile on the rest of the medication you need to take. So, it avoids going out unnecessarily. The sensible ad planner cancer therapy always outweighs the risk of suffering from coronavirus infection. So, talk to your doctor and discuss the treatment options available and choose the right one that suits you perfectly.

Avoid Public Transport

If you are opting for treatment at the hospital or doctor’s office, then try to avoid public buses or trains. It puts you in danger of coming in contact with asymptomatic or symptomatic patients who can transmit the virus to you. You need to discuss your options with the care team regarding the best possible one to get the necessary treatment without taking public transport. If you have no other choice and have to rely on public transport, then you need to take a bus with less occupancy. Move away from people who seem ill. So, get another seat when someone coughs or sneezes frequently. Social distancing in public places will help you avoid the virus exposure.

Access Food/Groceries From Home

When you fail to get a caretaker to cook or go out for grocery shopping, you feel like going out in public to meet your daily demands. Instead of putting you at risk by going out in public, you can use online platforms to order your food, grocery, or medicine. You can also get take-out delivery from your favorite restaurants. Just follow the guidelines while handling groceries and medications. If you are feeling good, then you can cook at home.

Emergency Visit

If you see your condition worsening, then never wait to get to the hospital. Go to the emergency room as early as possible to get the proper treatment without a time delay.

With proper discussions, you can schedule your treatment to overcome cancer and keep you safe from any other infections. You have to limit your close interactions and follow the guidelines suggested by the doctor instead of closing yourself from the world.

Coronavirus Protection For People With CLL: Preventive Steps

Can you prevent coronavirus infection when you suffer from leukemia or other forms of cancer? It is when you follow the guidelines suggested by the doctor and health agencies. COVID-19 is a contagious disease that transmits from one person to another through contaminated respiratory droplets coming out of nose and mouth. It can also transfer from contaminated surfaces (like countertops). Following the precautions can help lower your risk. So, you need to follow the instructions suggested below and maintain caution:

Social Distancing

You need to maintain space when you go out. Keep at least six feet between yourself and other people to avoid the contaminated droplets from reaching you. It is essential to keep away from people as not just sick people can transmit the virus but also can spread from an asymptomatic person who shows no signs.

Wash Your Hands

You need to wash your hands at least for twenty seconds with soap and water. Use the right technique to wash your hands properly. You need to get your hands wet and use soap to lather. Rinse off the lather with water. You need to wash your hands after sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose. It is also important to wash your hands properly after going out in public places.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

If it is difficult for you to access soap and water, then you need to use a hand sanitizer. Apply an alcohol-based sanitizer to kill all the harmful germs. Choose a product with at least 60% or more alcohol for better protection for your hands. Rub the product on all parts of the hands. Then, let it dry for better protection. Remember, hand sanitizer is not a good option when your hands are dirty.

Hands Off Your Face

Your hands may have harmful pathogens due to touching contaminated surfaces. Therefore, you must refrain from touching your face with your hands unless you have washed them or used a sanitizer. Touching your face with unwashed hands can increase the risk of transmission of viruses through your nose, mouth, and eyes.

Clean And Disinfect

It is essential to clean and disinfect the high-touch surfaces in your home. So, you need to clean the areas like light switches, doorknobs, countertops, electric/electronic devices. Then, wipe the surface with disinfectant wipes or sprays. Wash your clothes using laundry detergent and dry them at high temperatures.

Stay At Home

People suffering from cancer have high chances of getting the infection. So, it is a good idea to take the extra steps to ensure coronavirus protection for people with CLL. It is necessary to stay at home as much as possible. Ask the healthy person in your family to go out to buy groceries. You need to limit travel and opt to work from home options to avoid getting the infection.

Virtual Visits

CLL needs regular checkups and doctor visits. So, you need to talk to your doctor about setting virtual visits to your doctor instead of in-person appointments. The new way of communicating with sophisticated technology will help you come in contact with others while getting the necessary medical help. It also helps you safely reschedule some treatment appointments to get treatment in the hospital.

Wear A Face Mask

Wear A Face Mask

It is better to stay at home as much as possible. But, at times, you have to go out. In such cases, you need to avoid the crowds and keep yourself protected with a face mask. A face mask is a right option when it is difficult to maintain social distancing. Wearing a mask can slow down the spread of infection. If you are using a cloth face mask, then wash them after each use. When you use a face mask, try to follow the right steps. Wash your hands before and after you handle the mask. While taking off the mask, try not to touch your eyes, face, nose, or mouth.

Good Ventilation

There is no scientific evidence to support the claims of good ventilation preventing the infection. But, airflow in your home can make you feel better. The air can flush out any harmful pathogens trapped inside your home. So, open windows and doors as much as possible.

Wear Gloves

When you go out, you can opt for gloves. It is an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE) that people at high risk of infection must consider when they go out. It will prevent the virus to attach itself to your hands. Also, wear gloves when you clean and disinfect the surfaces. After the use, dispose of the gloves in a trash bag lined garbage can. Wash your hands properly after handling the gloves.

Good Lifestyle

Follow a good lifestyle to keep your immune system strong. With a strong immune system, you can reduce the risk of infection. So, you can stay healthy by following the tips suggested below:

Stop Bad Habits

Stay away from tobacco and products containing it. It is also essential to stay away from people who smoke as second-hand smoke can also put your health risk. Limit the alcohol you consume.

Good Nutrition

For a good immune system, your gastrointestinal tract plays an important role. Around 70% to 80% of your immune system is in your gastrointestinal tract. So, good nutrition is essential for a strong immune system. The food you eat directly impacts your gastrointestinal tract. It also affects the gut microbes. So, a balanced diet is essential for a strong immune system. Try to include a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food and other unhealthy food options.  It is the most important step to stay healthy and strong during the COVID-19 crisis.

Include Physical Activity

You need to encourage good blood flow by including physical activity. Physical activities can keep you healthy and fit. So, it will enhance your immunity. Since it is not possible to go to a gym, you can feel dejected. But, it is possible to include exercise during the pandemic period. You can walk inside your home or opt for some home exercises. You have several videos on YouTube with different suggestions. Choose the exercise that suits you the most. If your state has eased the lockdown restrictions, then you can take a walk outside. The fresh air and scenery can make you feel alive. But, follow all the safety guidelines.

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation is one of the ways to suppress your immune system. So, if you want to strengthen your immune system, you need to sleep well. Your body needs rest to regain strength. While everyone has a different threshold, you need to try to get at least six to seven hours of sleep each night. Getting eight hours of sleep is suggested by the doctor for keeping your immune system strong. It helps your body relax and heal. According to different studies, scientists have discovered that sleep deprivation can lead to compromising of your immune system.

Manage Your Condition

You need to manage your health condition. Discuss with your doctor regarding the steps you need to take to reduce your risk of getting the infection. Get the necessary treatment to manage the underlying health condition. Also, discuss the different vaccinations you need to take to keep the infection away. So, talk about the flu vaccine or pneumonia vaccine to enhance your safety.

Control Your Stress Levels

COVID-19 can stress you out. While it is natural to feel fear and panic when you face an invisible enemy, it affects your health. Excess stress can only result in lowering your immunity. So, it makes you vulnerable to infection. Therefore, you need to stay relaxed. Try some stress-relieving techniques like meditation, yoga, music, or others to relax your mind. Such measures offer coronavirus protection for people with CLL.


There are some things you can control while others like the viral infection are uncontrollable. But, enhancing coronavirus protection for people with CLL is important to avoid any fatal complications. Cancer and its treatment like chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy can weaken your immune system. When such a person suffers from coronavirus infection, they can experience serious complications, including death. So, it is important to follow the guidelines suggested by the doctor and the health department. It will prevent your exposure to the virus. You can take care of your health by controlling your diet, exercise, and sleep. It will keep your immune system strong and reduce the risk of catching the infection. With proper care and caution, you can safeguard your health.

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