Choosing a Great Workout Routine

Factors To Think While Choosing A Great Workout Routine

Choosing a great workout routine from the overwhelming number of programs is tough. Finding a workout routine is the very first step towards making an effort to bring change. So, it is a huge decision that can influence your health and happiness. When you start working out, you are pushing yourself away from the comfort zone. Making change can make you excited. You may even wonder about the changes happening in your body. So, you may envision your visual transformation and the end goal. But, the process becomes a bit intimidating. Therefore, you can feel some fear and anxiety. Don’t worry its normal.

Why Choosing A Great Workout Routine Is Important?

You have overcome your doubts and taken the right step towards enhancing your health. It is now the time to show to others that you are serious about the commitment. Choosing a great workout routine will help you reach the health and fitness goals. So, you can make the transformation that is at the back of your mind for several years. All that is left is to choose a program. Making the right decision is important. It determines the success of reaching your goal. Not all workouts offer the same results. The same workout program may offer different results to people. So, find the right one is the key to your overall health and fitness.

Factors Influencing While Choosing A Great Workout Routine

Everyone is different. So, the workout routine also varies depending on the person. You need to choose a program that will show the best results. Some major factor influences you while choosing a great workout routine. Want to find out? Read below to know the factors that will help you find the ONE. Therefore, it will make it easy to pinpoint ideal workout plan that will help you realize your fitness goal.

Your Basic Skill Level

You need to understand yourself better. It is important while choosing a great workout routine. Your skill level is a decisive factor in the selection. You may come under the following:

  • A novice who is trying exercise for the first time in life
  • Coming back to the fitness routine after a long lay-off

So, jumping on an advanced program will do more harm than good. You may never keep up with the program. You may feel dejected and leave the routine incomplete. Therefore, you need to understand the potential of your body. You need to get yourself accustomed to the exercise form before trying it. For example, if you like weight lifting, you need some basic training. It will help your body come in terms with the routine. Then, you can try the advanced version. Hence, it prevents any sorts of injury to your body.

Your Body’s Perceived Recovery Ability

Now your mind may wonder what exactly the recovery ability is. It is your body’s ability to heal quickly after a workout. It mostly depends on your muscle’s knack to kick back to normal. Each person has their own ability to recover from a workout. So, you need to take into account while choosing a great workout routine. Therefore, it will help you find the apt workout plan that will offer benefits to your body. You may have included some exercise routine in your life. You can take a cue from it. Try to answer the questions:

  • Have you included moderate to intense physical activity in your daily routine?
  • How long did you do it before getting exhausted?
  • Did you feel ok to do the exercise the very next day?
  • Or did you feel tired for more days?

It will enlighten you about your fitness levels. So, it can also offer an illustration of your recovery. It will also give you a glimpse of how your recovery will happen. It will help you choose the intensity and type of workout. After you start the workout, you will know whether you can complete it or not. It will also help you determine the break time between sessions. Hence, it helps you decide the time required to cool and bounce back. Your age also has a small role in the recovery time. A young person or an active older adult has less recovery time. Older people take a little more time compared to others to recover. For active people, the high intensity and volume of the exercise do not cause any restriction. So, they can choose an ideal workout program that suits their demands.

Important Factor To Think While Choosing A Great Workout Routine: Your Goal

You need to identify what you need from the workout routine. You can have weight loss goal or the muscle building/training. Depending on the nature of our goal, you need to make a choice. You can look into the following:

Muscle Building


If your ultimate goal is to have toned muscles, then opt for muscle-building workouts. You may have to extend your limits to get the muscles of your dreams. So, you need to work out more on the following:

  • Repetitions
  • Sets
  • Exercises focusing the muscles

You also need to take in more fuel to make the workout a success.

Strength Training


You can opt for the strength training with the lightweight lifting that will focus on cardio. It will give you strength and endurance. So, you can do a full body that will make your body more fit and toned.

Weight Loss

For weight loss, you need to burn more calories than consumed. It will also involve having a good diet that focuses on reducing the calorie intake. So, you need to combine the diet and exercise to get the desired weight. Only doing the high volume exercise can lead to loss of lean muscle mass.

The Availability Of Free Time For Workout

You can either opt for a gym or do the workouts yourself. But, you need to schedule the time for it. Never commit for a 5-day gym program if cannot follow it religiously. Pushing your luck is a disaster waiting to happen as you cannot complete the workout plan. It is one of the reasons that result in the failure of your chosen workout. Hence, take a realistic approach to your fitness. Determine the actual time you can commit to the fitness program. It is significant in choosing a great workout routine. You need to put yourself through the program you choose without fail. So, you must also keep your mind open to give up certain things in your life to find time for the workout.

When you start your workout, it is ideal to commit on 3 to 4 days a week for the routine. You can find the time needed to make it a reality. Once it becomes a habit, you may not find the schedule overwhelming.

Your Access To The Necessary Equipment


Once you opt a workout routine, check the equipment needed for it. You may or may not have access to the gym that has the equipment you need. It is not necessary to have access to a commercial gym to get going with your workout. The idea is to get the optimum workout with the resources you have access to. Hence, you can still challenge your muscles with the body exercise program by setting your own home gym.

Never think that only with gym access you can reach our fitness goal. You can tweak the exercises to make it more effective. Even with a set of dumbbells, you can complete the workout at home. So, you can take the economical option that will help you achieve your dream body within the comfort of your home, Sandbags, barbells, etc. can also make a workout effective. It is the nice addition to improve your fitness without the gym membership.

Choosing A Great Workout Routine Based On The Body Type

People are blessed with different body type. So, depending on your body type, you can choose the workout. It ensures that you will see positive results. You can stand in front of the body length mirror to assess the physical characteristics. The different body type is classified as:


Hourglass Body Type

Seen an hourglass? Does it represent the apt representation of your body? In an hourglass body, your upper and lower body is equally proportioned. You will also have a small waistline. So, a person with an hourglass body needs to include the following exercises:

  • Circuit training encompassing a variety of exercises like lifting weights, riding bikes, and running.
  • Include a multi-joint workout that can engage the different parts of the body simultaneously. So, you can squat with overhead press. You can also engage in swimming by kicking the legs and moving the arms. Multi-joint exercise also includes lunges with rows or step-ups with lifts.
  • Including weights in your routine is also good. So, lift the weight of moderate intensity to see good changes.
  • Doing cardio three to five days a week is good for hourglass body type. The cardio workout for a duration of twenty to forty minutes offers you results.
  • Using the dumbbells with the lateral step-up squat presses can show the visible transformation.
  • You need to keep in mind the rear lunge row taps involving the dumbbells while choosing a great work routine.

 Athletic Body

People with athletic body tends to have slim hips and wide shoulder. With an athletic body, you may have thin legs. You are so lucky to have blessed with such a body. People with such body type rarely get fat but gain muscle swiftly. So, you can include any type of exercise in your workout routine to get fit. While choosing a great workout routine, you can include:

  • Weight training with a set of weights at the difficult intensity. So, you can do more than 10 repetitions for 2-3 times a week to get benefits.
  • Include cardio exercises with varying intensity in your workout routine. You can do it at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Use a dumbbell to perform curls by keeping the wrist straight.
  • Encompass multi-joint workouts that focus on the whole body. So, your whole body gets the benefits instead of specific ones.

Straight/Banana Body


Having shoulders and hips of the same width means you have a straight body. People with such a body have a low muscle mass. So, it is difficult for people with such body types of gain muscle or fat. In such cases, compound exercises can do wonders for the overall fitness.

  • Include the Chinese practice, Tai Chi. You need to mimic the sequence of motion to achieve clear minds. It also improves your overall health.
  • Yoga is an ancient practice that has its origins in India. You can regain the flexibility and balance of the body by practicing it. So, it is beneficial for the overall body and mental health.
  • Encompassing weight training at a moderate intensity or increasing the intensity can increase the muscle mass.
  • Include cardio at least thrice a week at moderate intensity. Do not increase the intensity or duration as you can burn your muscle.

Other Body Types

Do you have other body types? Then, check below to know the best workouts you can include in your routine.

Apple Shaped Body

You may have accumulation fat in the belly area. It is the most troublesome part of your body that can cause health issues. So, target the belly fat with the core-centric sculpting. You can also try the high-intensity interval training for eliminating belly fat.

Pear Shaped Body

With a pear shape, you need more focus on your upper body. You may have wide hips with a defined waist. So, include upper body exercises. You can also do power moves, total body strength training, and endurance cardio. You can also benefit from the cardio exercises like biking, swimming, and running. It burns calories as well as tones lower body.

The body type exercises can give you more positive effects. But, it doesn’t mean you need to restrict yourself. You can include the exercise on a trial-error basis to see what works best for you.

Your Choices And Likes

Whatever you choose, you need to love it. It will help you incorporate the routine with ease in your schedule. If the workout routine is overwhelming, then you may never enjoy it. So, include a variety of ideas that will appeal to you the most. Your individual preferences matter the most.

Once you like your workout routine, you will make time for it. You will follow it for a long time that will bring a visual transformation. Else, all your effort may go wasted.


Choosing a great workout routine after taking into consideration all the factors will go a long way. It will help you make a positive transformation. So, it will make your transition into the fitness mode successful. A good workout routine that is easy to encompass and follow will never overwhelm you. Hence, you will complete it without any hassles. It will help you reach our fitness goal with ease.

Still confused? Then, you can consult a certified personal trainer. The professional can answer all your doubts. It will enlighten you about the best method to practice complex exercises like weight lifting. So, you can reap the benefits of the exercise without causing problems in the long run.

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