Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

Looking for the reasons why your workout isn’t working? Then, you are at the right place. Many times you make a workout plan and follow it. But, in the end, you don’t reach your goal. Ever wondered why? The disastrous results can dampen your self-confidence. It also makes you skeptical about the workout routine. Do not lose hope, read below to know w-here you went wrong and how you can rectify the issue.

Why You Need A Work Out Plan?

Working out is important for marinating the overall health. You need to include the physical activity in your daily routine to keep fit. A lot of factors come into play to maintain the health. You need to understand the body to know exactly what you want. Whether you need to lose weight or tone your body, you need a workout plan. It will make it easier to follow and take you towards your goal. Some work out plans is better than the other. So, it will improve your overall health and stamina.

The Top Reason Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

Are you not getting the desired result? Is your work out plan not making it easy to reach your goal? Then, you have to understand that it is not working for you. So, find out the main reason why your workout isn’t working. It will help you turn it around to get the desired results.

You Are Not Working Hard!

Yeah, you read it right. You may have started the exercise for several weeks, months or even years. But, did you get the result your desire? If no, then it means that your body is used to the exercise. It is time to increase the intensity and push your body for more. As you work out at the same pace, your body adapts to it. So, it becomes efficient in handling the exercise. So, a workout that used to challenge you at first may not provide good results after three months. It results in your body burning fewer calories. Therefore, you cannot see any visible physical transformation. It is one of the reasons why your workout isn’t working.

Result Attaining Remedy

You need to go out of your comfort zone. So, you need to push your body to get the desired results from the exercise. So, you need to ensure that you increase the following of the workout:

  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Duration

You also need to switch it up once you feel your body is getting used to the workout. So add cardio, test new exercises at the gym, or mix and match exercises to challenge your body. Your body loves a good challenge. It will show the results you desire. Therefore, you can overcome one of the prominent reasons why your workout isn’t working.

You Are Working Very Hard

Have you put your 100% into your workout? Or working too hard? If you are going out all the way to workout, then you need to see results, isn’t it? But, working out without a rest is not good. You are not building the muscles. You are breaking them! Working very hard without taking rest can make your muscles sore. It is one of the reasons why your workout isn’t working. You will also experience other symptoms like:

  • Unexplained headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Severe tiredness
  • Unable to complete workouts
  • Lack of motivation

It points out that you are overtraining. It is one of the important reasons why your workout isn’t working.

Result Attaining Remedy

You need to take a break. You can take 2-3 days off from the exercise. It will help your body recover and heal. With good sleep, your body will bounce back. So, getting rest and eating nutritious food is essential. It will help you ease back into your routine. Make a workout plan with shorter workouts with ample breaks.

One Of The Main Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working- Your Diet

Diet What you put in your mouth has a direct effect on your body. So, even with good exercise, the wrong diet can cause problems. A nutritious diet with the right amount of calories is significant for weight management. Without a good diet, all your hard work goes down the drain. A balanced diet fuels your exercise regime. By eating more, you gain weight. While eating less makes you tired. So, the right balance is important.

Result Attaining Remedy

It is important to know what you are eating. Keep a food journal. It will help you track the number of calories you put in your mouth. Based on the food journal, you can tweak your diet. Including low-calorie versions of your favorite food will reduce the calorie intake. So, with the right calorie count, you can see visible changes. Make sure not to starve yourself. Because eating less calorie can slow the metabolism. Therefore, it will leave you tired. Several apps are available online to check the calories you need to consume to manage weight. It will help you with your diet.

Including Only Cardio In The Workouts

Cardio is highly effective in burning calories. So, most people only do cardio to get their desired weight. It is a wrong practice. You need to adopt a proper exercise plan that is highly effective for your body. So, you need to include the following in your workout:

Doing just cardio will strengthen the cardiovascular system. But, you need to have an overall impact on the body. So, you need to include some other types of exercise that will tone your body.

Result Attaining Remedies

You can include strength training in your routine to build muscle. It also tones up the body. So, you can include the following:

  • Lift weights
  • Do lunges/push-ups
  • Resistance training

It will decrease the body fat and provide good bone density. You will see a more toned, better version of your body. So, it will garner appreciation from the people around you.

Overindulge In Food

Some people reward themselves with food. After a good workout, they feel their body needs the reward. But, it is not as good as you are overindulging in food. So, one of the reasons why your workout isn’t working is the too many treats. You are undoing all the calorie-burning and hard work by eating the treats.

Result Attaining Remedies

You need to know the calorie count of your favorite food. It will help you find out how much you are consuming. Then, find the calories you burn by exercising. It will help you keep the focus on exercise rather than food. Include food that will fuel your workout sessions. Have a cheat day. So, you can eat your favorite food in small portions. It will help you keep in check your craving.

Including Too Much Too Soon

Rome was never built in one single day. You need to keep that in mind. You cannot see a visible change in your body overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to get into your desired shape. It is a process that will take some time. So, one of the reasons why your workout isn’t working is because you spend a lot of hours at the gym. It will only result in you getting exhausted, sore and hurt. You cannot achieve your goal in just two or three weeks.

Result Attaining Remedy

The main mantra for succeeding is to maintain patience. You can overhaul your life to get back into shape. It will help you live happy and healthy for years to come. But, you cannot do it in a single day. Curb the temptation to work longer hours. It will only physical harm to your body. Keep in mind that slow and steady win the life’s race. You can build up your strength by making tough as the weeks get by. It will help your body adapt to the change. So, you can change the habits permanently for good by giving it sufficient time.

You Are Taking Out Time To Workout Rather Then Sleep

sleep swapping With a busy schedule, you may find time no time to workout. So, you may trade your sleep for working out. Sleep swapping is done by people. It helps them find time for chores that they cannot finish in the morning. But, sleep swapping is not good for your health. It can hinder your weight-loss goals. The lack of sleep also triggers several hormones. It will directly influence your cravings. The sleepless nights can make you lose focus as you will feel tired. So, your body needs the rest.

Result Attaining Remedy

Your fitness plan requires sleep. It will help you heal and recover. When you rest at night, you will get over the soreness. So, start scheduling your training and sleep. Do not swap your sleep for work out. It will not provide any positive effects. Therefore, you need to rest first for a good workout the next day.

Wondering About The Reasons Why your Workout Isn’t Working?  You Sit All Day

You have included a workout in your daily routine. Very good! But, what do you do the rest of your day? It has high significance while trying to make a change. Your channel your energy into working out. Then, sit in your office all day. There goes your hard work in the drain. Too much of sitting is not good for you waistline or for the entire body. You are screwing up the time spent in the gym by sitting for too long. So, do not sit in front of the TV or computer for a long time.

Result Attaining Remedy

Do not sit anywhere for a long time. Try to go for a walk or stand whenever possible. Take stairs instead of the lift. You can park your car away and walk. Become more active like play with your dog. You can ditch the TV for your garden work. If your work involves sitting in front of the computer, then stand up. Walk around the office to become more active.

Check Your Stress Levels And Hormones

Stress is a negative force in your life that can cause immense physical and mental problem. With increasing stress, you can turn to emotional eating. It is not good for your body. So, it hinders with your exercise regime. With more stress, you can produce cortisol hormone. The hormone is significant in maintaining your blood pressure levels, stimulation of fat and carbohydrates to generate energy. So, with cortisol increase, you can feel hungry all the time. But, cortisol affects different people differently. Some may handle it like a pro while others not much.

Result Attaining Remedy

The stress levels of one of the main reasons why your workout isn’t working well. It makes your workout less productive. You may succumb to the craving. So, you need to manage your stress effectively. You need to practice stress management techniques like:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation

One Of The Prominent Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working- Lack Of Consistency

Everyone plans a workout regime with good intentions. But, in the excitement to reach their goals, people plan unrealistically. So, most people try to accommodate exercise five times a week. The unrealistic number can only lead to failure. It is important to know the right number of days you can work out. Consistency is the key to success. To make a visible change in, you need a regular routine. Not only that, you also require a solid commitment. Trying to develop a plan that will never work will result in failure.

Result Attaining Remedy

To make a change, you need to hit every muscle in your body. So, plan a schedule that will work for you. Incorporate the workout routine religiously. It will help you attain your goal quicker. For example, if you can only workout for three days, it is enough. Exercise with enough intensity that will help you stay active for the rest of the days.


Remember that if you are not seeing results, you are making some mistakes. The mistake or mistakes can deter you from your goal. Go through the article to find where you are going wrong. Identifying the reasons why your workout isn’t working is significant. So, you can take necessary action to rectify it. You will see that you will have more energy for the workout. Hence, you will get the desired results. You deserve the fruit for your hard work. So, go claim it!

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