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The Busy Individual’s Bible To Losing Excess Body Fat

Losing excess body fat is important for a healthy life. How many times have you cursed the excess fat? Looking in the mirror, you forget to see the beautiful person. You only focus on the excess body fat that is making you lose self-confidence. Not only does the fat deposit make you feel self-conscious, but it also increases the risk of diseases. The excess fat can increase your body weight. So, it increases your risk of getting major health problems. Overweight people are more at risk of getting lifestyle diseases like:

  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Gallstones
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Depression

The health problems ranging from common to fatal can cause immense distress in your life. Therefore, losing the excess body fat is essential for a healthy life. Before, delving deep into how to lose it, you need to know what it is. So, read the article to know more information. It will help you lead a fit and healthy life.

What Is Excess Body Fat?


The human and animal body structure has an adipose tissue. Also known as the fat tissue, it stores metabolic energy. So, people and animals can use the energy for over extended periods. The fat cells (adipocytes) can store the fat from your liver metabolism or directly from the diet. How it stores the fat is based on your physiological conditions. Therefore, the fat stored is released as fatty acids when you need additional energy. The hormones like insulin, cortisol, and glucagon play a dominant role in the regulation of your metabolic activities.

Location Of Fat Tissue


Your metabolic profile determines the location of the fatty tissue. So, the different types of fat and its location are:

Visceral Fat

It is fat located within your abdominal cavity. Hence, it is the fat found beneath the wall of your abdominal muscle. The fat is responsible for the production of several chemicals. It resembles the hormone that can trigger inflammatory response and inflammation.

Subcutaneous Fat

It is fat that you can find under the skin. The fat deposited above your abdominal wall also comes under the category. So, the subcutaneous fat includes the fat under the abdominal skin.

What Causes Weight Gain?

The weight is the result of two major mechanisms in the body.

  • The existing fat cells increase the amount of fat storage
  • Formation of new fat cells in the body

The two mechanisms can lead to the weight gain along with the distortion of the fatty tissue. The distortion can result in cellulite formation. So, your body counteracts the mechanism. Your body changes biochemically resulting in the release of fats. Subsequently, instead of releasing the stored fat, your body never releases it. It makes it difficult for you to lose excess body fat. The change in the biochemical reaction can result in insulin resistance. The insulin resistance can result in diabetes and other health issues.

Effective Method For Losing Excess Body Fat

Everyone needs to have an individual bible for losing excess body fat. Each person is different, so you need the customized plan. It will help you lose the stubborn fat. You can gain your self-confidence with the effective weight loss plan. So, you need to know the methods and techniques that can help you lose fat. It is the general guidelines that can point in the right direction.

Including Exercise For Losing Excess Body Fat

Is your overweight? How do you know it? If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is in range of 25-30, then you are overweight. The BMI calculator can help you determine the value. Overweight people cannot lose all their body fat within a short time. So, it is best to start slow. It will help you reduce the unnecessary stress. You can work your way through the moderate exercises and gradually increase it. Therefore, you can reach the higher intensity program that will enhance your endurance levels. Hence, follow the successful workout routine to see the visible transformation.

Moderate Aerobics For Burning Fat

Overweight people cannot perform high-intensity training all of a sudden. So, it is best to start with moderate aerobics. It will ensure that you burn more calories. You can keep the intensity around 70% heart rate (maximum) for about half an hour in the beginning. Take care to gradually increase the time for an hour. Now you may wonder what exercise to start the aerobic. Include walking into your routine. It is the perfect low-impact activity recommended for obese and overweight people.

Weight Training For Losing Excess Body Fat


You can also include weight training in your workout schedule. Start with the moderate weights with high repetition. It will help obese people in losing excess body fat. You need to start the weight training with a good trainer. With professional care, you can become successful in your fat-loss goal. Therefore, you need to include exercises that can work on all parts of the body. The weight training exercises that target larger muscles is ideal. You need to remember that you have to include the aerobics and low-intensity weight training simultaneously to get good results.

Weight training is the ideal activity that can fuel your weight loss. It is the perfect activity that can aid in your fat-loss journey. The weights can help with building and toning the muscle instead of directly burning at storage. So, it is different from the aerobic activities as it focusses on burning more fat cells. But, building muscles can enhance your metabolic rate for the whole day. Therefore, with the more muscles, you can improve your chances of losing fat.

Gradual Cutting Back

The certain type of food is not good for your body. You cannot avoid it altogether all of sudden. So, you need to cut it back over some time to get good results for your fat loss.

Reduce Bad Fats

Researches have shown that eating the wrong kind of fat can result in excess fat storage. It will increase your body weight. Your body may use the carbohydrates to get the essential energy. It uses the proteins for repairing the cells and tissue. Bad fat is not used to convert into energy. So, it causes the total body fat to increase. Wise up and cut back on the bad types of fat for a better health. Therefore reduce your intake of meats and hard fats at room temperature.

While you cut the wrong fat, try to increase good fats. Your body needs the good fat for nourishment and overall health. Therefore, include food rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. The good fat can aid you in losing excess body fat. Wondering how? It has the fat-burning effect. The good fat food items can enhance your metabolic function.

Strategically Cut Back Carbohydrates

Before understanding what it means to strategically cut carbs, know the different types. The carbohydrates are classified into the following types:

Simple Carbohydrates


The simple carbohydrates can lead to a short burst of energy. You need to avoid it as it can cause the insulin spike. You may experience accumulation of excess fat as the result of consuming it. The highly concentrated carbohydrates have high calories. Therefore, try to avoid the following food items for losing excess body fat:

  • Raw Sugar
  • Brown Sugar
  • Cookies
  • Baked food items
  • Fruit Juices

It is safe to consume the simple carbohydrates after a strenuous workout. If you eat after training, then it is stored as glycogen. So, it is not stored as fat resulting in weight loss.

Complex Carbohydrates



Complex carbohydrates can help you achieve fat burning effects. Strategically cutting back the carbs means that you need to eat the complex carbohydrates at a specific time. So, it will ensure maximum fat burning effect. The high stimulation of metabolism can lead to losing excess body fat. You can avoid the outpouring of insulin. Excess insulin can lead to fat accumulation. Therefore, you need to consume complex carbohydrates before six p.m. Therefore, include more complex carbohydrates like:

  • Brown rice
  • Oats
  • Potatoes
  • Beans


Fiber is an integral part of your diet to maintain overall health. You can include high-wheat food, vegetables, and fruits to promote weight loss. By consuming fiber-rich food, you can ward off hunger pangs for a long time. Eating fiber content will make your stomach feel full. It also pushes your fat from the system. So, taking thirty grams of fiber per day can keep your hunger pangs away. Take an additional ten grams of fiber for losing excess body fat.

Mix Your Aerobic Sessions For Losing Excess Body Fat


Following the same workout routine can make you bored. It will make you lose focus. So, you may feel lazy to take up the workout. To eliminate boredom, include a wide range of aerobic activities. Mixing the various activities can help with your goal of losing excess body fat. The combined effects of the exercises can enhance the metabolism. Therefore, you may experience fat loss on a larger scale.

Planning Your Workout For Greater Fat Loss

Understand that choosing the right workout at the right time can show good results. So, include the aerobics first in your exercise schedule in the morning. Another alternative is to weight train first followed by aerobics immediately. It can stimulate metabolism that helps in losing excess body fat. You may wonder why it works. The reason is the glycogen storage gets depleting during the morning or after weight training. Therefore, it leads to using the fat as fuel. With every individual, the strategy can work differently. But, you can try the method.

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is the new mantra for losing excess body fat. It is the advanced form of aerobic exercises. So, it will assist you in losing excess body fat faster. HIIT is the most demanding form of training that can stretch your boundaries. But, it is highly effective. Once you get the hang of doing exercises, you can increase the intensity. So, the intermediate to advanced trainers can include it in their routine for fat-loss. The routine involves high intensity at the maximum level. The series of exercise intervals is followed by working at a low rate in between.

The total workout may last for twenty minutes with ten to thirty seconds interval. Therefore, the HIIT can ensure better fitness levels and reduced fat levels. You can offer your 100% effort with the short burst of exercise and take recovery time. For example, you can walk for two minutes followed by sprinting for thirty seconds. You can perform the routine for twenty minutes.

Calorie Cycling For Losing Excess Body Fat


It is known as the secret yet effective weapon for weight loss. You need to change the number of calories you consume. You can consume the fast-fuel carbohydrates to ensure it works. The calorie cycling is a plan for a six week period. During the time, you trick the body’s metabolism to work harder. It will ensure effective weight-loss that can help you in the future. You need to keep changing the calorie levels you take every week. It will help recharge your metabolism. Therefore, instead of losing muscles, you lose fat. It works better than the calorie-steady routine you follow for losing excess body fat.

Losing Excess Body Fat By Drinking Water


Have you read any weight loss forums? The common factor that emerges from it is drinking water. The higher water intake is significant to reduce fat. Drinking water is good for your body. Water can flush out the toxins and the fat accumulated in your body. Therefore, drink at least three to four liters of water per day for good health. Drinking water can make your liver perform its function better. Therefore, you can see the conversion of fat into energy better.

When the water content in your body decreases, it affects your kidneys. Apart from getting kidney stones, it also reduces liver productivity. Subsequently, it reduces the fat conversion process. The water consumption is important for losing excess body fat. Hence, drink more water to achieve your fitness goal.

Losing Excess Body Fat And Maintaining It

Once you lose the fat from the body, the next step is to maintain it. It is easy for you to regain the lost weight. Therefore, you need to follow some pointers to ensure you keep up the fat from accumulating:

  • Include physical activity regularly in your life
  • Follow good diet plan
  • Eat healthily
  • Check your carb intake
  • Stay hydrated
  • Reduce stress level
  • Relax and have a good sleep
  • Be open to face setbacks
  • Get back to your weight-loss goal with gusto


You may not feel confident about your physical appearance with the excess body fat. So, you need to adopt steps for losing excess body fat. It will help you enhance your visual appeal and self-confidence. You can also keep the diseases from attacking your body. Therefore, you can maintain the overall health of your body. It will help you will good physical and mental health. The effective guidelines can work as your personal bible for losing excess body fat.

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