Top 10 and Best Fitness Tips For Working Mothers

The effective fitness tips for working mothers are necessary to get motivation. It will help career women get back in shape. Gone are the days when women restricted themselves to the kitchen. Today, women have one or more jobs and take care of their family with perfection. But, taking care of the kids, juggling the personal and professional responsibilities, etc. can result in a lack of exercise. At the end of the day, you just yearn for some rest. You become so exhausted that sleeping feels like heaven. So, you may ditch the running shoes for the bed.

You have no time or energy to exercise, right? Well, no you need to change the perception. Exercising can boost the personal energy. So, it avoids draining of energy. The fitness tips for working mothers aim to set an achievable goal. Creating an effective plan within the limited time-frame can motivate you. So, you can bring great transformation.

Need For Fitness Tips For Working Mothers

Regular exercise is significant for maintaining your overall health. But, the busy schedule can dampen your exercise plans. It is difficult for working mother like you to find the time to exercise. Therefore, the busy schedule, work stress, high pressure, work, sleepless nights, and bad posture can affect your health negatively. But, you need to squeeze some time to create a workout plan to maintain your health. Setting an achievable goal will motivate you to have a healthy body and sound mind.

Effective Fitness Tips For Working Mothers

Squeezing time for your fitness goals in your hectic schedule is not easy. But, you can find it if you wish to do it. It is not easy, but your willpower can make it happen. You may find it difficult at first. After some time, it will become the second nature. So, within no time you can transform your lifestyle. How to make it happen? Let’s see!

Plan A Working Schedule

Do you miss an important meeting? Or forget your kid’s medical or school appointments? No, isn’t it. The events hold high significance in your life. So, you make time for them. Make exercise an important event in your life. Therefore, you will never leave any stone unturned to include it in your daily routine. What is the technique to make it an important event? Simple! Follow the steps.

Squeeze Time

To make fitness a part of your life, you need to allocate time. Never say that you will try to find the time. You can only focus on fitness if you clear the calendar. By scheduling the exercise, you can make it a part of your daily routine.

Keep Up The Plan

You will never get fit by just making a plan. One of the major fitness tips for working mothers is that you have to follow the plan you have made. Allocating at least thirty minutes daily for exercise is important. Following it religiously will help you reap gains.

Make It A Habit

At first, you will feel tired. Your muscles may ache. It will make you feel defeated. But, do not give up. As time goes, sweating will become a habit. Once you see the results, you will feel proud of yourself.

Develop An Effective Meal Plan

meal plan

Food is important for getting energy. But, it is also responsible for your unfit state. Remember that abs and muscles are made in your own kitchen. Even with good physical exercise, you may not reach your fitness goal. The reason? Your food habits. Your bust schedule may force you to depend on the junk food. After a long day at work, nobody likes to slave themselves in the kitchen. But, the result is unhealthy food habits. So, what is the solution?  Meal Prep!

The meal prep ideas can become a crucial part of your physical transformation. The ideas offered will keep your belly full without compromising on taste. Apart from that, you can keep your budget on track. So, spend a few hours every weekend to prepare meals. The microwavable or ready-to-serve food can save you time. You can plan, prepare, and eat healthy food. Therefore, you can save money, effort, and keep your fitness plan intact.

Cut Down Caffeine And Sugar


One of the important fitness tips for working mothers is to avoid excess sugar and caffeine.  Working women may roll their eyes at the statement. The coffee maker is a lifesaver for many women who work overtime. It makes them alert and focus on their work. So, no wonder you may start your day with coffee. But, do you realize that to keep up with the work pace, you go back for more cups of coffee?

Excess coffee is a hazard to your fitness goals. Consuming too much coffee or sugar can make you feel jittery. It will make you feel alert at first, but ultimately you will crash. So, you will feel exhausted to do any exercise. What to do when you crave a cup of coffee? Walk around the office briskly. It is the healthier option that will make you feel alert without spoiling the fitness regime.

One Of Best Fitness Tips For Working Mothers: Travel With The Workout Bag

You may have talked to yourself about how you will work out after the work hours. But, once the work gets finished, you change your mind. Your only focus is to get home and relax. Most of the women do not feel the urge the workout. The reason is pain and soreness. The workout produces endorphins that make women feel good. But, it does not overcome the pain of the strenuous activity. Your muscles will cry at night. It doesn’t mean that exercise is bad for you.

What is the solution to overcome the mental block? Take your workout bag with you. It is the best way to urge the mind to take action. So, it will overcome the instincts to find excuses. By taking the workout bag, you will feel motivated. As you may not find any reason not to exercise, you can reach your fitness goals.

Friends With Benefits

No, Not that! Including your friend in your fitness regime has many benefits. The buddy system will motivate you to push yourself. It gives you someone to make yourself accountable. So, if you have a competitive streak, then it will bring out the best in you. The gym buddies have a positive influence in your workout routine. It is particularly helpful for the working mothers who need a push to get motivated. The buddy system can urge them to exercise and realize their health goals.

You can start by asking your friend/friends to join with your fitness plan. You can work together to come up with a fitness routine that is beneficial to both of you. Once a plan is established, you can see the change. With each other’s motivation, your workouts will become frequent. You will feel better and see the visible physical transformation. It is one of the most effective fitness tips for working mothers that actually works.

Take A Fitness Challenge

When can you tap your optimum potential? The answer is while you face a challenge. It invokes the fighter in you. So, you attain the spirit to overcome the challenge. Working women are faced with several challenges to climb the corporate ladder. All the working moms out there agree to the fact that their competitive streak keeps them going.

Therefore, you can sign up for a competition to make positive personal lifestyle choices. You may have taken up the Facebook challenge or Twitter challenge. So, why not take a fitness challenge? With a few clicks, you can register for the fitness challenge happening around your city. It will urge you to get out and sweat. Therefore, the competitive angle will propel you towards your fitness goal.

Change The Workout Routines


One of the significant fitness tips for working mothers is to try a new exercise routine. Monotonous workout regime can set boredom. You like your work because it is unpredictable. The unpredictable nature can induce curiosity. So, in spite of the stressful nature of your job, you love it. You can bring in the same feeling in the fitness regime. Therefore, mix and match or switch the routine. Try the following:

  • Take Zumba classes with your friends
  • Go hiking with your partner
  • Do yoga
  • Check out the fitness hula hooping
  • Walk on a treadmill

By mixing the exercise routine, you will feel interested and invested. It will eliminate the boredom. So, you will enjoy your fitness sessions and look forward to it.

Discover The Office Friendly Exercise

Are you stuck in your work so much that you have no free time? It happens as you can never predict the problems you can face in personal and professional life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give less importance to your health. Neglecting your health will only make you miserable. So, find a way to incorporate exercise in your life. How? Think Creatively! You can make use of the valuable free time in office and home to include exercise. Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Ditch the lift and climb the stairs
  • Do yoga in your lunch or break time
  • Walk on a treadmill or do sit-ups while watching tv
  • Walk around the office when you feel stressed with work

Make use of the valuable slices of time to become active. Use them appropriately to get your body in shape. Your body will appreciate you for it later.

The Big Four

One of the important fitness tips for working mothers who need full body full workout is to focus on the big four. The quick workout will give you large strength gain at a very fast rate. The four important exercises offer people with less free time to get a good body workout. With just spending thirty minutes, you can see the health benefits. So, the big four are:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Pushups
  • Planks

The four exercises target your problem areas. For example, if you feel you have a bloated tummy or thunder thighs, then the exercises can help. It covers a large group of muscles in your body. So, you can see the results quickly. You just need to do ten to twelve repetition of each back to back. When you have time, do 2-3 rounds. It is the fast workout that is effective.

Convert Everyday Activities Into Exercise

It is the most beneficial fitness tips for working mothers. You just need to make the most of the everyday activities. You have the good days and the bad days. Some days you just cannot find the time for workouts. Your body may crave rest rather than push harder. So, it is ok to have rest days in between your workouts. But, remember to get back into the fitness routine. It will maintain your health.

Tweak some of the postures and activities you perform daily. It will make a good exercise without you trying hard. It will keep your health on track even on the rest days.

Sit Straight


Instead of slouching on the desk, perfect your posture. Sitting straight is a yoga posture that makes your spine straight. It engages your core muscles.

Take The Shopping Bags

When you go grocery shopping, lift the bags. Do not seek help. You can load the bags yourself into the car. Walk around the aisle for things. It is good for your body.

Clean The House

Sweeping, cleaning or vacuuming can burn the calories. So, do it yourself every week instead of asking your maid.

Drink Water


Sip water instead of coffee. It will make you feel better. The hydration is very good for your body. You will feel more alert without depending on caffeinated drinks.

The little things can make a huge transformation in your life. So, do not ignore them. It will help you achieve your fitness goals. The result is a healthy body that you and people around you will appreciate. And the best part, you can include it in your daily routine without difficulty.


The days of women attaching themselves to the home alone has changed. Today, women can handle both the personal and professional life perfectly. But, the personal growth has also resulted in neglecting the body. So, many women face obesity, poor health, and other lifestyle diseases. The stress to manage the personal and professional life is immense. But, rather than complaining, you need to take action. When you have the willpower, you can move a mountain. So, take a cue from the fitness tips for working mothers. Include it in your life. You can see the changes that will garner appreciation from your friends and family.

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