Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Cholesterol Hair Treatment – What Is It And What Are It Benefits?

Cholesterol hair treatment is suggested by hairstylists for dull and brittle hair that has undergone several chemical treatments. When you use excessive heat or styling products, your beautiful mane can become dry and lose it shine. So, the treatment can regain the shine to the limp strands and make it more attractive. Dull and lifeless strands can make you look less attractive. When you undergo effective therapy, you can revive the rough strands. A modern and sophisticated woman undergoes artificial coloring and styling to look visually appealing. Effective therapy will ensure good health to bring back the lustrous nature of your mane.

You face different factors that result in damage to your strands. But, you can effectively restore it using the best products. Have you noticed that many of the products that promise effective results contain cholesterol as the main ingredient? Such products revive the texture and quality of your hair. So, what happens when you undergo treatment with cholesterol as the main component? Read ahead to know more about it.

Learn More About Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Cholesterol hair treatment is not an alien concept. Along with traditional restoration processes, this method is opted for restoring the softness and moisture in your strands. Cholesterol is a component that can offer positive results to your strands. Several types of treatments are available for dry and damaged hair. Professional hair stylists as well as beauty conscious women use the treatment for attracting attention to their beautiful mane. It is usually preferred as it is one of the inexpensive methods to treat your strands. The most attractive feature is the product is available in the store. While you find it mostly in the ethnic section, it is possible to use it by people of different types of hair without any fear of side effects.

Learn More About Cholesterol Hair Treatment

The product does not accumulate greasy residue on your scalp. You can either smear it on your hair when it is cold. It has a thick, petroleum jelly-like steadiness when cold. While it becomes malleable when you expose it to heat. So, you can rinse it off easily with warm water.

What Is Cholesterol?

Before learning more about the treatment, you need to know what cholesterol is. It is the waxy substance. The fat-like component is present in every cell of the body. It is produced by your body and you can also get it from food. The component is present in almost all foods. So, it makes it a common ingredient in several products used for hair care, skincare, and cosmetics. When it is used in treating your strands, the component restores the moisture and adds strength to it. So, you get silkier, strong, and voluminous hair with a definition. People with dry and brittle hair use the product to get the back the shine lost due to the heat and chemical treatments.

What Is Cholesterol?

If you think the cholesterol hair treatment is new, then you are wrong. It around for several decades and has offered women’s mane a shiny, lustrous, and healthy look. Many of the communities in the American and African countries use this treatment to restore the moisture and softness of their strands after undergoing different hairstyling processes. Read ahead to know about it in detail.

Types Of Cholesterol Hair Treatments

If you suffer dry and damaged hair, then you can undergo the treatment to overcome the brittleness caused due to chemical treatments, coloring, heat applications, or exposure to the sun. People with no serious hair damage may not opt for the treatment option. But, women who have dry hair due to undergoing such processes need to try the option suggested below to bring back life and shine into your tresses. Here is the type of treatment you can try at home or in a saloon.

Cholesterol Hair Treatment Using Hot Oil

51nQnpwsHAL. SL500As the name suggests, the method includes applying hot cholesterol oil to the hair. You can apply it after you shampoo the hair. The treatment usually helps restores the natural moisture of your tresses. It also provides a beautiful sheen to the tresses to make it look appealing. With the restoration of moisture, your tresses can overcome the damaged and dull look. This treatment is usually suggested for people who undergo chemical treatment or heat styling frequently. By undergoing the treatment, you can bring back the lost shine at home.

Method Of Cholesterol Hair Treatment Using Hot Oil

Women want to look their best all the time. So, they may not notice the things the tresses go through like the harshness of the beauty products or weather change. Such problems can result in damaged hair. It means you can suffer from issues like split ends, dandruff, greasy or itchy scalp. Restoring the health of your mane cannot happen overnight. You may not see the results instantly. But, gradually you can see the difference. So, here are the steps you need to take to complete the treatment:

  • Before using the hot cholesterol oil, you need to wash your hair with the preferred shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  • You need to activate the emulsified cholesterol before applying it to your scalp. To activate the product, you have to preheat it. You can either heat it using a microwave or sink in a container of hot water. Wait for at least two to three minutes for the product to reach a liquid state.
  • Decide on the amount of product needed for your scalp and hair length. For shorter tresses, you require less amount while for longer locks, you need to take the product more.
  • Apply the product on your hair and allow it to sit for at least ten minutes or more.
  • Cover your hair with a hair cap or damp towel. This step avoids the oil from dripping on clothes or surfaces.
  • After the specified time, you need to rinse the excess oil using warm water. Try not to use hot water as it strips the scalp and produces excess oil. So, it makes your hair greasy.
  • You need to use the conditioner of your choice to wash off the product from your hair.

After undergoing the treatment, you can see the sheen coming back and making your tresses look healthier. So, you can overcome the brittleness and dryness.

Homemade Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Homemade Cholesterol Hair Treatment

It is the treatment you can try at your home. In normal cases, you can use mayonnaise or egg yolk, which is the natural source of cholesterol. Do you know that mayonnaise is the oldest form of cholesterol? Women in the 1950s used the store-bought or homemade mayonnaise along with heat styling tools to make their tresses look alluring. Homemade oils are also a good option for this specific treatment. After undergoing the treatment, you can get back voluminous, curly, and soft tresses. The only drawback of the method is the smell of egg York or homemade mayonnaise. The treatment leaves you smelling like an egg salad. But, never worry as you now have the option to buy store-brought produced made using modern technology. The product not just offers luster, sheen, and softness to your hair but also leaves your hair with a pleasant fragrance.

Method Of Homemade Cholesterol Hair Treatment

When you undergo the treatment, your scalp can get essential vitamins and minerals as mayonnaise contains vinegar, lemon juice, and soybean oil. So, it offers shine to your tresses. It also seals the moisture to make you tresses look healthier without any bad smell. Here are the steps you need to follow to undergo the treatment:

  • Clean your hair using the preferred shampoo.
  • Apply mayonnaise to your damp hair after cleaning. Spread the product like you use a conditioner. You need to focus on the ends of your tresses as they are the oldest part.
  • While applying the product avoid the roots, especially when you have thin or fine hair.
  • Place a shower cap on your head. You can use a thermal cap or an ordinary plastic bag to increase the absorption of mayonnaise into your scalp.
  • Leave the product on your hair for at least thirty minutes or more.
  • Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse the product. Rinse off the product completely form your hair to make your scalp as well as locks clean.

Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment

Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment

It is the most widely used treatment to overcome dryness and brittleness of the mane. You need to buy a highly effective and deep conditioning product to get the desired results. After application, you need to wait for a specified period and then wash off the product. The duration the product remains in your hair is determined by the level of damage suffered. After the treatment, your hair looks shinier, silkier, and smoother. The treatments ensure you regain the natural shine and bounciness of your tresses. But, this product is for external use only. So, you must never consume it. Follow the instruction provided with the product or go to the salon to get the treatment.

Method Of Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment

This type of treatment is usually available in the salon. The beauty parlors have the equipment needed for optimizing the results. The steps followed for the treatment are:

  • Wash the hair properly to clear all the dirt and oil from the strands and scalp.
  • Apply the deep conditioning product on the hair. In some salons, olive oil is added with the product for silky smooth hair.
  • Cover the hair with a plastic cap.
  • Sit under a hooded dryer or wrap the head with a warm towel.
  • Depending on the damage, you need to sit for fifteen minutes to one hour
  • Rinse off the product and use a conditioner.
  • After the treatment, you can see a smooth, silky, and manageable hair.

Can You Replace Cholesterol Hair Treatment By Consuming Cholesterol

Is it possible to replace the treatment options by eating more cholesterol? No, it is not the right method as the external treatment can only offer you great results. Consuming more fats and lipids will only increase your blood cholesterol levels and not offer any benefits to your strands. You can see great results when you apply the product directly on your scalp and strands. Instead, choosing food options can result in severe heart complications. So, just follow the suggested cholesterol hair treatment options for smooth, beautiful, silky, and shiny strands that can attract others.

Working Of Cholesterol Hair Treatment

The hectic life means you cannot spend time to take care of your hair. On top of it, the coloring, use of chlorinated water, straightening, and at times brushing can harm your mane. While the damage may take time to heal, you can remedy it with the right products and practices. So, irrespective of the hours you spend in the pool or high frequency of chemically straightening your hair, you need to take steps to bring back life and health to your tresses. One such option is the cholesterol hair treatment. It repairs the damage temporarily caused due to such styling processes and chemicals. It coats your mane with lipids and transfers the fats to the hair shaft. Your mane also gets minimal proteins. So, it strengthens your tresses. Most of such treatment is beneficial for people with damaged strands. The product can offer the desired results.

You have to undergo such treatments as often your hair requires it. The number of times you need to undergo the treatment depends on the damage to your tresses, the color treatment you prefer, and the type of product you choose for the treatment. In most cases, the store-brought product contains lipids or fats. These are designed to hydrate and repair your strands. The cuticle of your strands contains three types of lipids like cholesterol, ceramides, and 18 MEA. These lipids are responsible for helping the cuticle to lay flat and keep them in place. When over styling or chemicals damage your strands, the lipids are moved. The movement causes the strands to become dry, dull, brittle, and lacking in luster or shine. Using the treatment, you can try to restore the health of your tresses.

Things To Note While Undergoing Cholesterol Hair Treatment

Remember, most of the store product products for cholesterol hair treatment contains mineral oil. So, if you use only natural products, then you need to read the ingredient list of the product before purchasing it. While most people use the store-bought product with mineral oil with no issues, you need to choose a product that works the best for you. You have several online platforms like Amazon selling such products at affordable prices. Check the user ratings before buying the product. Choose one with the most positive review as it is voted by customers who have tried and tested it.

Prevent Hair Damage

You need cholesterol hair treatment when you see signs of hair damage. Hair damage can occur due to the use of chlorine water, sun exposure, and using saltwater for your hair. These can dry your hair out. Similarly, chemical processing and heat-styling can also lead to several bad hair days. If you want to look appealing, you must never ignore the condition of your hair. Can you prevent the damage caused to your manes? You can follow a lot of things to ensure smooth and silky manes. Here are some of the damage control tricks to overcome problems like split ends, breaks, and other issues to ensure you have healthier as well as attractive tresses.

Choose A Shampoo Wisely

You need to find a shampoo that is formulated for your hair type specifically. Look at the ingredient list and avoid one with sulfates. They are detergent-like ingredients used to remove excess oil and dirt. But, the harsh ingredients can cause damage to your hair. Choose shampoos with the sulfate-free label and has the ingredient dimethicone. Dimethicone makes your hair manageable and shiny.

 Moisturize Your Hair

You need to use conditioner after using shampoo. Choose a good conditioner that is designed for dry or damaged hair. You can also try some regular at-home treatments offering deep conditioning like protein packs. If you have damaged hair, then use the cholesterol hair treatment at home. If you have money to spare for saloon treatments, then you can opt for one treatment per month to overcome mild to moderate dry tresses. For severe dryness, you can combine the treatment with home conditioning. Use a deep conditioner at least once to twice a week. Follow the instructions provided on the product or your stylist for desired results.

Comb Carefully

Dry, brittle, and damaged hair is prone to breaking. It is because of the fragile nature of your hair. So, when you pull your fragile hair using the wrong hairbrush or comb, it leads to breaking and loss of your beautiful locks. Dermatologists suggest using the best comb to avoid such hair problems. The best option is to use a wide-toothed brush or comb, which has a specific label to manage the detangling of hair. You can use it before getting into the shower. Avoid using the comb on wet hair as it becomes difficult to detangle your locks without pulling.

Dry Gently

After washing your hair, you need to dry gently. So, go easy when you use towels to dry. Using the towel with force on your head can cause the breaking of your locks. Instead of rubbing vigorously to remove the water, you need to squeeze softly. Use gentle force to remove water from the hair just like you handle clothes like a cashmere sweater.

Limit The Heat

You may use a blow dryer or other styling tools to tame your locks. But, excess heat can only harm your tresses. So, you need to limit heat styling. Limit it to once a week. Even when you use heat styling set in on low. It is applicable for all styling tools including flat iron, blow dryers, and curling irons. For buying extra time, you can opt for dry shampoo. You can also use thermal protection serum or spray on your head before using heat or after applying styling products like mousse and gel. These products act as a buffer, so it prevents excessive heat damage.

Drink Water

Hydration is not just important for your body but also for your tresses. A hydrated body means your locks receive better hydration. Drinking water is essential as it is the key ingredient supporting the vitamins. The vitamins are necessary for your hair growth. Do you know that 25% of the single strand of your hair has water in it? So, you need to know the importance of good hydration in overcoming dryness of your locks. Drink at least two liters of water each day to strengthen your hair and increase its growth.

Include Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acid provides the hair follicles necessary proteins and nutrients. So, it avoids dryness of your tresses. You can also prevent follicle inflammation, which results in severe hair loss. Taking omega-3 fatty acids promotes blood circulation in the scalp. So, it promotes new hair growth. Include it in your diet easily as you can find it in foods like flaxseed and salmon. Eating such healthy food options will make your hair look beautiful and shiny.

General Precautions

Cholesterol hair treatment can help you overcome dryness that causes baldness. You suffer from loss of tresses when it becomes impossible to retain enough moisture. So, it can make the tresses look dull, fragile, and brittle. Some people suffer from poor quality mane due to their underlying health problems. But, if you have no such problems, then you need to take action. It is because the loss of locks can have a direct effect on your confidence and self-esteem. Since the problem is avoidable, you need to take the proper action. Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, you need to follow the instructions suggested below to avoid damaged hair and the need for cholesterol hair treatment.

  • Never use excessive hair styling products as it causes more bad than good.
  • Avoid your head coming in contact with chlorinated water. So, use a cap to protect your head when you go for a swim.
  • Limit washing your hair. Instead of using shampoo daily, you can rinse them every few days.
  • To avoid a split end, you need to trim your hair frequently.
  • Instead of hot or warm water, use cool water to rinse your hair as it seals the cuticles. It also reduces moisture loss.
  • If you feel salon treatments are costly, then you can try some home packs to keep your tresses shiny and healthy.


Looking good is essential to make the best first impression. So, chemical treatments are the regular part of the beauty routine. You spend hours on the saloon’s chair for changing the hair color, texture, or overall look. While such treatments can offer you desired results, it also damages your hair. But, you can fight the damage of your hair tresses with professional solutions as well as home remedies. One of them is cholesterol hair treatment. It restores shine and health to your chemically damaged locks. By taking good care, you can experiment with your looks while maintaining the health as well as shine. Prevent problems and manage the alluring appeal by taking the right steps.

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