Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Signs You May Be Pregnant

Are you trying to get pregnant? Then, from the early pregnancy symptoms, you can detect the good news. Though it is not conclusive like pregnancy test and ultrasounds, you can look out for the signs, which points towards the good news. Many women can experience the early signs of pregnancy right after conception. While each woman shows different signs, you can monitor your body for the signs that indicate pregnancy. The signs suffered by the same women may differ for different pregnancies. So, it varies in intensity, frequency, and duration. The couple who wants to get pregnant need to know about the different signs developing after conception. It will help you take good care of your developing baby and ensure a hassle-free pregnancy.

Starting Of Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Your gynecologist calculates the first week of pregnancy based on the date of your last period. Sounds odd? LMP (last menstrual period) signifies the start date of your pregnancy (week 1). You are not actually pregnant during the week. But, doctors calculate the expected delivery date using LMP. So, during the first few weeks of pregnancy, you may not see any symptoms. Therefore, during the 40-week pregnancy period, you may not see or experience any symptoms for a few weeks.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Indicating Implantation

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

During the first four weeks (Week 1 to 4 from LMP), the process happens on a cellular level. Women release a fertilized egg from the ovary. The egg travels to the Fallopian tube, where it meets with the sperm and forms a blastocyst. It is a fluid-filled group of cells that develops in a baby’s organs and other body parts. Around ten to fourteen days after the conception, the blastocysts travels to your womb and implants itself. It implants in the lining of the uterus in women also known as the endometrium. The implantation can cause bleeding. Many women mistake it for a period, but it differs from the normal period due to the lightness of its flow. So, you can see the following signs if you experience implantation bleeding:

  • Women experience bleeding of brown, red, or pink blood.
  • You do not bleed like the regular menstrual period. In most cases, you can experience spotting. So, you see the presence of blood only while wiping.
  • Some women experience cramping along with the spotting. The pain can range from mild, moderate to severe.
  • The episodes of bleeding last only for less than three days.

Tips To Deal With Implantation Bleeding Symptoms

Many women may not experience implantation bleeding and cramping. And people who experience it consider it as their normal period. The following tips can help you deal with the problem:

  • Implantation bleeding is one of the early pregnancy symptoms that you can control by taking care of your health. Avoid smoking as it can harm your health.
  • Try to stop consuming alcohol as it can lead to heavy bleeding.
  • If you are trying or have more chances of getting pregnant, stop using illicit drugs.

Early Pregnancy Symptom Indicating Conception

Missing your period is one of the early pregnancy symptoms that indicates completion of conception. Once implantation of the fertilized egg occurs, your body produces a hormone. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is significant in maintaining pregnancy. It is the hormone that instructs your body to keep supporting the pregnancy. The hormone also tells your ovaries to stop releasing mature eggs every month. Four weeks after the conception, you will miss your period. In the case of women having an irregular period, it becomes difficult to detect the change. In such cases, you need to take a home pregnancy test to confirm your suspicion.

Tips To Deal With Missed Period

Women with irregular menstrual cycle may not know about the conception. They do not have a specific date of getting their period. So, it is better to get confirmed with a home pregnancy test. You need to take the test eight days after you miss your period. HCG levels increase with each passing day after your conception. Therefore, your urine can have HCG levels, which helps you find about the pregnancy. Once you get the positive sign, you need to follow the guidelines:

  • Call your doctor or midwife to schedule an appointment. The prenatal appointment is necessary to assess everything is normal.
  • Talk to your doctor about the medication you take and the risk it has to your baby. Your doctor can prescribe a safer alternative for your health problem.

Raised Body Temperature During Early Pregnancy

It is one of the early pregnancy symptoms that many women experience. You can have a higher basal body temperature. The hot weather and your regular exercise can increase your body’s core temperature during pregnancy.

Tips To Deal With Raised Body Temperature

You need to maintain caution while exercising or hot weather as you tend to lose water content from your body. So, drink more water. Never overdo your exercises.

Fatigue: One Of The Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

As conception occurs, your progesterone levels can soar. The increasing levels of progesterone can make you feel sleepy. So, fatigue is one of the early pregnancy symptoms that you can notice. If you feel exhausted with no reason, then it indicates a possible pregnancy.

Tips To Overcome Exhaustion/Fatigue

  • You need to get enough sleep. It will help you overcome the exhaustion during early pregnancy.
  • You need to keep your bedroom cozy and comfortable. Maintaining a cool temperature can help your body relax. Since you can experience high body temperature during pregnancy, the cozy bedroom can help you sleep.

Increase In Your Heart Rate

Do you feel like you have run a marathon? The rapid increase in your heart rate can indicate a possible pregnancy. The hormone fluctuations associated with the pregnancy can occur around 8-10 weeks. It can lead to palpitation as well as arrhythmias. So, you can experience rapid pumping of your heart. The harder and faster heartbeat is one of the early pregnancy symptoms.

Tips To Manage Fast Heartbeat

Rapid heartbeat can occur with normal pregnancy due to increased blood flow to your fetus. Your body can manage the condition without causing any lasting damage. But, if you suffer from any heart-related condition, then see your doctor. So, your gynecologist can prescribe low-dose medication to control your heart rates.

One Of Prominent Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Breast Changes

Breast changes are one of the early pregnancy symptoms that you can see visibly. You can see changes in the nipple and areola (the region around the nipple) change its color. It appears darker in color and grows larger. You can feel tingling or aching sensation in the breasts. You can see the changes occurring between weeks 4 to 6. He changes in size and color can occur after your 11th week of pregnancy. The hormonal fluctuations can lead to changes. So, you can feel the tenderness and swelling of your breast. Once your body adjusts to the hormonal fluctuations, you may not feel discomfort. The hormonal fluctuations can also trigger acne breakouts for people who have suffered from it earlier.

Tips To Manage Breast Changes

You can see changes in your breast with conception. It is one of the early pregnancy symptoms that you can manage with some steps:

  • Use a supportive maternity bra, which offers you comfort and relieves breast tenderness. You can select underwire-free, cotton bra as it offers utmost comfort.
  • Always pick the bra with varying clasp. It provides you enough room for your breast to grow as you advance into the pregnancy.
  • Buy breast pads for your bra. You can purchase one that fits your bra. It reduces the friction on your nipple and subsequently reduces nipple pain.

Mood Swings During Early Pregnancy

You can experience mood swings once you conceive. It is due to the high progesterone and estrogen levels in your body. The elevated hormone levels can make you more reactive than normal. So, you tend to feel emotional.

Tips To Overcome Mood Swings

Changes in your mood are one of the common early pregnancy symptoms. But, it can escalate to anxiety, depression, euphoria or anxiety. Therefore, you need to seek medical attention to sort the problem.

Frequent Urination: Most Inconvenient Early Pregnancy Symptoms

As your body pumps more blood to sustain your pregnancy, your kidneys tend to overwork. The organ has to process more fluid compared to normal. It can lead to an accumulation of fluid in the bladder. So, you feel the need to urinate more often than normal. At times, you can experience incontinence during early pregnancy. Due to the hormonal fluctuation, you can see the difference in your bladder health. So, it can lead to accidental leaking as well as frequent bathroom visits.

Tips To Prevent Accidental Leaking

Constipation And Bloating

You can experience bloating, which you can mistake as symptoms of a menstrual period. The problem occurs due to the hormonal changes. So, the changes can slow your digestive system. It leads to constipation. Constipation can also increase abdominal bloating in expectant mothers.

One Of The Typical Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Morning Sickness

It is the typical symptoms that can trigger vomiting, nausea, and feeling of unease during your pregnancy. Women can develop the problem around four to six weeks into their pregnancy. Although the problem is known as morning sickness, you can experience it at any time of the day. So, you can suffer from the problem during the day, afternoon, or night. The hormones can play an important role in triggering the problem. The mild to severe form of morning sickness can affect you in the early stages of pregnancy and continue until the end of the first trimester. But, the problem reduces as you enter the second trimester.

Tips To Overcome Morning Sickness

Overcome Morning Sickness

Nausea or vomiting cannot affect your baby adversely. But, severe morning sickness can lead to the inability of keeping the fluids or foods down. It can lead to nutritional deficiency. Therefore, you can follow the guidelines to manage the condition:

  • Settle morning sickness by eating saltine crackers. Eating it after you get up in the morning can settle nausea.
  • If you experience severe morning sickness, talk to your doctor. You need treatment to ensure hassle-free pregnancy.
  • Call your doctor if you cannot keep fluids or food down.

Feeling Dizzy: One Of The Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

During the early stages of your pregnancy, the blood pressure can drop. It can lead to dizziness or loss of consciousness. Women can also experience high-pressure levels. It is a difficult problem that can create complications in the later stage of pregnancy. When you experience high blood pressure within twenty weeks of your pregnancy, it means you have some underlying health issue. The problem can cause dilation of blood vessels. You can develop hypertension during early pregnancy or you may have the problem before getting pregnant. It is important to visit your doctor when you observe the early pregnancy symptoms. The doctors check your blood pressure and establish a baseline for the normal reading of your blood pressure.

Tips To Overcome Hypertension During Pregnancy

You can follow some steps to manage high blood pressure. With proper care, you can avoid any harm to you or your baby.

  • You need to consider including exercises, which are advised for pregnant women. The pregnancy-friendly exercises can manage your blood pressure levels.
  • Monitor and track your blood pressure regularly to note the changes.
  • You have to consult your doctor to get the customized dietary guidelines. Include it in your daily life to reduce hypertension.
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking enough water. It prevents dehydration and the subsequent ill-effects associated with it.
  • Try to snack regularly to prevent a sudden drop in blood pressure levels.
  • Never stand from the chair suddenly. Getting up slowly can avoid dizziness.

Food Aversion And Smell Sensitivity During Early Pregnancy

Overcome Morning Sickness

Smell sensitivity is one of the early pregnancy symptoms reported by many women. Although no scientific evidence is available to strengthen the self-reported smell aversion, many women face the problem. Women who are pregnant can experience smell sensitivity leading to nausea and vomiting. Smell sensitivity is a symptom of early pregnancy that is mostly self-reported. There’s little scientific evidence about smell sensitivity during the first trimester. But it may be important, as smell sensitivity may trigger nausea and vomiting. It may also cause strong distaste for certain foods. Pregnant women tend to have a strong sense of smell. Therefore, expectant mothers tend to experience intense odors during their first trimester.

One Of The Significant Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Weight gain

If you have an irregular period, then you may not know about the pregnancy. In such cases, the unexplained weight gain can provide you the indication about conception. Your weight tends to increase towards the end of the first trimester. You can gain up to four pounds without any change in your diet. The weight will only increase as your pregnancy progresses.

Heartburn: One Of The Agonizing Early Pregnancy Symptoms


Heartburn is one of the most distressing early pregnancy symptoms. The elevated levels of hormones can cause the valve present between the stomach and esophagus to relax. So, it can lead to the leaking of stomach acids. The problem can result in heartburn.

Tips To Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy

You need to divide your meal into small portions. Consuming small meals can avoid heartburn due to pregnancy.

  • You need to allow the food to digest. Your posture can help with digestion. So, sit upright for at least an hour to help with digestion.
  • If the heartburn persists, talk to your doctor. The medical professional can prescribe antacids or other medicines that do not cause any harm to your baby.

Pregnancy Glow

You may have heard the term, pregnancy glow. People talk about pregnancy glow. So, is it true that you can experience a glow during your early pregnancy? It is due to the increased blood volume along with the elevated hormone levels When the factors push more blood through your blood vessels, it can lead to your oil glands working overtime. So, the increased oil gland activity can provide your skin a flushed swell as a glowing appeal. But, take care if you have prior issues of acne. Pregnancy can lead to acne breakouts.

What To Do When You Observe Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

home pregnancy test
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Every pregnancy is different for a woman. So, early pregnancy symptoms may not remain the same. The signs may vary from one person to another. Some signs may indicate you have a sickness like flu or others. While other signs can indicate your period will start soon. People trying to get pregnant must not always depend on the early signs to confirm the pregnancy. When you miss your period and experience any of the symptoms indicated, then take a home pregnancy test. It is particularly helpful for women who never have an irregular menstrual cycle. Therefore, take the test to check for a positive sign. Make an appointment with your doctor when you see the positive sign. You need to start prenatal care as soon as possible to deliver a healthy baby.

Try to take the test 2-3 days after you miss your period. The pregnancy test offers the scientific proof of your conception. At times the pregnancy test can show a false positive or false negative. Therefore, repeat the test again after a few days to confirm to make the assumption true. The pregnancy test sometimes cannot detect the HCG levels during early pregnancy, which can lead to wrong results. So, wait for a few days to enhance the HCG levels.


The early pregnancy symptoms start to dwindle after the first trimester. So, expectant mothers may not suffer from the severity of the signs during the second trimester. It is important to manage the symptoms. At times, the symptoms can interfere with your regular life. Therefore, talk to your doctor and get the necessary treatment to find relief. It will help you enjoy your pregnancy without any problem.

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