Blood Blisters

Blood Blisters : Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies

Do you see bumps, blisters or other problems on your skin? Do not worry. Some skin condition is quite common. So, let us see one of the most common skin condition, Blood Blisters! Anyone can face the condition anytime in their life. But, its appearance can make you uncomfortable. Debunk the myth and false ideas by knowing about the condition in detail.

What Are Blood Blisters?

Blood Blisters are the minor skin condition marked by the raised section of your skin. The section looks alarming as it contains blood. Therefore, it causes concern in your mind. But, understand that it is similar to the blisters caused by friction. The friction blisters contain clear liquid in it, so it looks harmless.

You need not worry about the blood blisters. It goes away after some time without any medical help. The blood filled in the blister can make it appear serious. But, in reality, it is harmless. Therefore, you need not lose sleep over the condition.

Appearance Of The Blood Blisters

You may notice a raised piece of skin on any part of your body. The raised piece has blood in it. The blood blisters are common like the ordinary blisters. So, it is harmless and causes no serious health problems. It requires no specific treatment as it clears itself after a few weeks.

Symptoms Of Blood Blisters

The blood blisters have red fluid in the raised area of the skin. You can see the following signs associated with it:

  • The blisters filled with red fluid. The fluid begins as light red color. But, over the time it becomes darker. So, after a few days/weeks, you can see dark red fluid filled in the blister.
  • It causes minor irritation. Therefore, you can experience discomfort at the site of the blister.
  • You will feel pain from the action that leads to the blister formation. Therefore, the pain varies depending on the severity of the action.

Areas Commonly Affected

The blood blisters can form anywhere on your skin. It is not limited to a specific location. So, the common location that is vulnerable to develop blood blisters are:

  • Fingers
  • Hands
  • Mouth
  • Feet
  • Near the bony parts of the body
  • Near the joints

Common Causes Of Blood Blisters

The blood blisters can develop on the pinched part of the skin. It does not cut or break open. So, the blood fills inside the raised part. You can get blood blisters by lifting weight for a long time or by closing drawer on a finger. Simple actions can lead to the condition. The different scenarios of getting the skin conditions are:

Friction Blood Blisters

Guessed the cause from the name? Yes, you get the problem due to friction. So, it is the most common among the different kinds of blisters. You can develop the blisters in different ways like:

  • Using tools that causes friction on the heel, toe, thumb or palm. So, you may get it if you work with tools in your yard or garden without using gloves on your hands.
  • You can also develop it by wearing a new pair of shoes or boots. It causes friction as you need to break them in before using it.

Allergic Blisters

You can get allergies on your skin leading to blisters. When you come in contact with some plants like poison ivy, end up with blisters. It is known as contact dermatitis. Your skin can show allergic reaction irrespective of the non-poisonous nature of the item. So, some can get reaction due to the following:

  • Detergent
  • Soap
  • Perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Latex gloves
  • Tools
  • Everyday objects

Bug Bites

You can get blisters from the bug bites. Some bugs like the tiny mites can drill into the skin. Their track on your body will leave curved lines of blisters on your skin. Fleas, bed bugs can cause blisters that cause itching. The common areas on your body affected by the bites of bugs are:

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Wrists
  • Underarms

You need to maintain caution with the brown recluse spider bite. The nasty bite can leave you with bad blisters. It can burst and leave you with open sores. The painful sores is a cause for concern. So, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Shingles and Chicken Pox

Certain viruses can cause blisters in your body. The common virus that affects people is the herpes virus. You can get affected by the contagious illness chicken pox. The herpes virus causes the disease. You will get red bumps on your skin that becomes blisters. Though it scabs over, you become vulnerable to getting shingles. It targets the nerves causing blisters and painful rash. So, to prevent it, take the vaccination to prevent shingles and chicken pox.

Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Any guesses on where it affects? Yes, you are right. The disease gets its name from the area it affects. So, you get blisters on your hand, foot or mouth. Children below 10 years of age get the viral infection. It spreads through contact with saliva, mucus, feces, or from a person with blisters. The signs associated with the disease are:

  • Mild fever
  • A sore throat
  • A runny nose
  • Blisters on the body

You can contact our healthcare provider to get the right treatment to alleviate the disease.

Blisters Due To Weather

Extreme temperature can cause harm to your skin. So, the chances of getting hurt are high. You may have noticed sunburn on your skin when you spend a lot of time out in summer. Similarly, you can get skin problems in winter without the use of gloves or winter clothing. Frostbite is one of the common reasons for blisters. So, you can experience the same thing with frozen goods. To avoid developing blisters, it is important to use the proper clothing. Therefore, it protects the skin from harm.

Other Common Causes

  • Poor fitting footwear that pinches your skin
  • Trauma from pinching the skin between any two objects (minor in nature)
  • Sweaty feet causing extra friction

Warning Bells

You can get blood blisters on other parts that are not a cause for concern. But, getting blood blisters on mouth needs caution. It suggests an underlying health condition. So, you need to seek medical help immediately. The main causes of blood blisters in the mouth area are:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Mouth cancer
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Allergies

Do You Need To See A Doctor?

Common blood blisters can heal itself in one or two weeks without any medical help. You need not take any medicine to treat the blisters. So, you just need to keep the area clean for quick healing. But, some blisters can cause concern.

You may experience some more problem with your blisters. Your blisters may not clear on its own fueling the need to see a doctor. Therefore, you need to get immediate medical help with the following signs:

  • Blisters returning again and again
  • You can think of no reason for the formation of the blister
  • Allergic reaction leading to blood blisters
  • The unexplained appearance of multiple blisters on the skin
  • Infection at the site along with a warm sensation
  • Blisters on certain areas of the body like eyelids or mouth
  • Blisters limiting the mobility of the person (unable to move or walk)

Such issues may point towards serious health conditions. So, you need to get professional help to eliminate it.

Trip To The Doctor

What can you expect during the visit? You may have sought the medical assistance to clear your doubt about the blood blisters. So, you need to discuss in detail about the blister. You need to explain the cause of the condition. You must also discuss the time duration of having the blister to provide proper insight.

Your doctor may conduct a simple examination to determine the type of blood blisters. The doctor may also diagnose any infection in the blister. Subsequently, your doctor may suggest a biopsy. It is to eliminate the doubt. Some types of skin cancer appear as blood blisters. The further tests can find the actual cause of the issue.

Blood Blisters Treatment options

You need special attention to blisters developed on your feet or heels. It makes you uncomfortable. The other blood blisters need no special treatment as it goes away quickly. But, some may need treatment.

Home Remedies

Some blisters can cause severe discomfort to you. So, you can try the home remedies to speed up the healing process. It will also reduce the discomfort and dry it quickly.

Epsom Salt

You can dip blister in the Epsom salt solution to get relief. The magnesium sulfate and minerals in Epsom salt can detoxify the skin. So, it reduces the swelling in the affected area. You can get relief from the pain by using it.

Lavender Oil

It is well known for its healing properties. So, using it twice a day on the affected area can reduce the pain. It sedates the pain and enhances the healing process. You can use it to successfully treat similar skin ailments.

Salt Water

You can soak the blood blisters in the warm water containing salt. It will make the blister burst easily. The burst blister can heal on its own. So, you can relax.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar


It is the most effective home remedy for any ailments. The common item found in your fridge is acidic (mild) in nature. Therefore, it has anti-microbial properties that prevent infection. Using the ACV can heal your blister at a faster speed. The detoxifying compounds can heal the skin ailment. Never use it on open blisters.

Warm or Cold Compress

Placing the hot or cold pack on the trauma site can prevent blister formation. So, soon after you experience the problem, place a compress. The temperature difference is helpful in controlling the pain. You can prevent the inflammation with the compress. Never place the ice cubes directly. It can lead to the minor issue of frostbite.

Medical Treatment

The blisters can look unappealing. It will urge you to seek a medical opinion. But, your doctor may suggest you leave it alone. It allows the blister to heal on its own. So, you can avoid the secondary infection.

Your doctor may suggest treatment for blisters occurring on the feet or toes. It will reduce your inconvenience and encourage quick healing. The burst blister in your feet can cause infection leading to other complications. So, your doctor may take the following steps:

  • Elevating your leg and applying ice to the affected area.
  • Wrapping the blood blisters loosely. So, it avoids extra friction on the affected site.
  • Suggest removing the footwear or use open-toe footwear. Therefore, it will reduce the pressure on the blisters.
  • Protect the blister site by cleaning it gently. It is specifically followed for the burst open blisters.
  • Get medical attention whenever the need arises.

Your doctor may suggest you to never do certain things. It makes the condition worse. So, you will feel more pain and discomfort from the action. You must avoid the following completely:

  • Do not wear a footwear that is not of the right size.
  • Peeling the skin of the blisters. It opens the wounds causing infection.
  • Popping the blister with a pin or other sharp items.

A blister can cause further issues when you do the things mentioned above. So, to avoid such complications, leave the blister alone. It will heal the blister quickly without causing any infection.

Preventing Blood Blisters

It is a common condition that can affect anyone. But, you can avoid it completely. So, you need to take good care of your body and help. Using proper protection in certain situations can reduce the risk of developing it. You can follow the steps to reduce the risk of developing the skin condition:


Blood Blisters is one of the common condition that every person experiences in their life. It is very common with no cause for concern. You need not seek treatment for the problem. So, you need not worry about it. It heals with no further issues on your body.

But, in some rare cases, it can cause a severe problem. Therefore, you need the professional medical assistance. Your doctor will diagnose the cause of the condition. The treatment decision based on the issue will offer you relief. So, you can cure the underlying condition with the medical help. Take good care of your body to prevent it from forming in the future. Keep the worries at bay by taking necessary steps.

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