Ways to Reduce Breast Size

Top 10 Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size

The natural ways to reduce breast size is one of the most searched topics on the internet. Girls in their teens and young women tend to find solutions for their larger bust size as it triggers several problems in their life. For a woman, breast development occurs throughout their life. It is not something that stops development after a certain age. So, you can see the difference in size as time passes. While many women feel it as a great cosmetic asset, it triggers several health issues. You can experience neck and back pain due to the larger bust. Several methods are available to reduce the bust. But, most of them are expensive or invasive. Before trying those methods, you can opt for some remedies at home. These home remedies are easy to try. There is no harm in trying these techniques as it causes no side effects. Read ahead to know the methods.

About Increase In Breast Size

Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size In the human body, glandular and adipose tissue makes up the breasts. It is attached to the hormone receptors. Adipose tissue refers to the fatty tissue filling up the breast. While the breast tissue or glandular tissue produces milk for the babies after pregnancy. When your body undergoes hormonal changes, it leads to the expanding of the breast tissue. So, you can see breast enlarging over time. The factors affecting the development of breast are:


Your genes play an important role in determining the shape and size of your breast. It is because genetics is linked to hormone levels. It affects the development and growth of your breast tissue.

Body Weight

Irrespective of the proportions of your breast, the breast tissue is composed majorly of fat. So, when you gain weight, it increases in size. Your body weight plays an important part in the size of the breast.


The age of the person can also affect the size of the breast. As you age, the breast ligaments tend to wear out. These ligaments are responsible for holding the breast together. So, wearing out can lead to sagging of the breasts.


Women who have given birth and breastfeeding can see changes in their bust. It is because of the fluctuations in hormones. Your breast swells when you are feeding the child and deflates after stopping it.

Knowing these different factors are important when you are trying to find the best natural ways to reduce breast size. These factors are linked to determining the shape and size of the breast.

Need To Find The Natural Ways To Reduce Breast Size

Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Size Women who find themselves with larger bust sizes tend to experience some bad things. These experienced can urge you to take alternative steps to deal with the issue. Here are the reasons why people tend to try natural methods instead of invasive procedure:

Brest Grow Back

Many women tend to opt for breast reduction surgery to reduce the proportions. It is the first line of treatment they opt without considering other options. But, many fail to realize that the surgery has never offered a permanent solution. Most surgeons perform invasive surgery to reduce the bust without damaging the nerves and loss of sensation. But, your bust can grow back after the surgery. Therefore, it is not a permanent solution.

Problems Linked To Larger Breast Size

Living with a larger bust size is challenging. It causes severe emotional scars due to the attitude of other and physical issues. The common problems you face when you possess a larger bust are:

Challenging To Find Perfect Outfit

You wish to dress well to make an impression on others. But, you find it challenging to get the perfect outfit. You need an outfit that flatters your silhouette and makes you feel less conscious. But, the search for the best outfit that fits your bust can become challenging. In most of the cases, clothing brands assume that larger bust size indicates a bigger waistline. Some women have a larger bust, but a slender body. Therefore, getting clothes for every occasion is quite tiresome. The only way to dress well is to cycle outfits. It leaves you with little choices.

Impossible To Go Bra-less

Large busted women cannot go bra-less. They tend to sleep with a bra on them. They can move when you walk, jump or run. Your boobs can get the way. So, you need an adjustment to feel comfortable. Going without a bra is unimaginable due to the discomfort associated with it.

Unwanted Attention And Lewd Comments

Large busted women face a lot of unwanted attention. People tend to look at their chest area and make women feel uncomfortable. The rude comments make you feel self-conscious. These jokes and comment can exceed their threshold and starts affecting your mental wellbeing. Some insensitive people tend to pass rude remarks or jokes in front of others. Therefore, you tend to avoid social circles. It can make you avoid such gatherings. The limitation of social mingling affects your mood and lead to depression or other mental issues. It also attracts unwanted advances from people. Some tend to grab them to check if they are real. You become frustrated due to such experiences.

Face Judgements

Instead of knowing a person well, people tend to judge others based on their appearance. Women face it when they have a larger bust. Strangers comment about their boobs and label them as a sex symbol. So, they never tend to comment on other attractive qualities of a person and concentrate on their chest region. The comments come from both men and women. It can make you feel bad. You want people to notice you because of your accomplishments, personality, talents or other attributes. But, larger bust takes the focus away from such positives.

Difficult To Get Less Common Bra Sizes

You find it difficult to find larger bra sizes. You have to browse the online store or some specific boutiques that carry the size. Most women cannot afford popular brands that carry the cup size. So, it becomes a tedious task to find the right size at an affordable costs. Since the cup sizes can go higher with time, it can make you stressed out. Several online stores now have different cup sizes. It also helps you save a huge amount of money. But, you cannot try the bras before you make the purchase. You cannot know if the product will fit perfectly or not. You have to take a risk and sometimes end up losing money while purchasing the bra online.

Best Natural Ways To Reduce Breast Size

You have several steps that help reduce the bust. These are some of the effective natural ways to reduce breast size. Here are some of the steps you can try:

Usage Of Natural Items To Reduce Bust

Some items you commonly find in your kitchen or other stores can reduce your bust. You can try some of the remedies suggested.

Use Fenugreek

fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek leaves and seeds have skin tightening properties. It also is beneficial for your breast tissues. The properties in fenugreek work in the chest area. So, you see toning up to three sizes when you use it regularly. Fenugreek also as muscle and tissue tightening properties. So, it makes your boobs firm and prevents sagging. So, how can you enjoy such benefits? You need to apply fenugreek paste on the boobs and apply them on your breasts. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and grind them to form a thick paste. Apply them evenly on your boobs. Wash it away after the paste dries on your skin. You need to follow the method at least three to four times a week. You will not see changes overnight. It takes some time to show results. So, wait patiently.

Drink Flax Seed Mixture

Flax Seed

You can either use powdered flaxseeds or whole flax seeds. Mix a tablespoon of the ground flax seeds in warm water and mix well. Consume the mixture once every day. You can also mix flaxseed powder in your favorite dishes or juice. Adding flaxseed to your diet is beneficial in reducing the bust as it has estrogen-reducing properties. Estrogen is the vital hormone regulating the multiplication of your breast cells. So, reduction or a drop in estrogen levels can reduce the proportions of your boobs.

Drink Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Drinking ginger tea is one of the effective natural ways to reduce breast size at home. You just need grated ginger, honey, and water. Boil water in a saucepan and add a tablespoon of grated ginger into it. Simmer the liquid for at least five minutes and strain it. After the mixture cools down, add honey to it. You can consume this ginger tea at least thrice a day to see results. It is an effective remedy when the excess weight causes an increase in your bust. Your breast consists of fatty tissues in it. When you suffer from obesity, you need to adopt any weight loss program to shed excess pounds. Drinking ginger tea regularly can enhance the burning of accumulated fat. Ginger as properties that ensures an increase in the metabolic rate of your body. So, you can shed the excess fat in breast tissue and achieve a smaller bust.

Consume Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea is a famous and popular product used by people to aid weight loss. You can use green tea in your routine to reduce your chest size. The wonderful remedy is one of the effective natural ways to reduce breast size by burning the fat accumulated in the chest area. The antioxidants in the green tea speed your body’s metabolic rate. You need to boil water and add one teaspoon of green tea in it. Simmer the solution for five minutes and drain. Allow the tea to cool for some time and add honey before consuming it. Drinking green tea three to four times a day helps you lose excess body fat.

Neem And Turmeric

Pregnant women or new mothers can see an increase in their bust size. It is due to the production of milk. It can lead to inflammation and fat deposit in your chest region. To overcome the inflammation, you can use neem and turmeric. It has anti-inflammatory properties that overcome inflammation and reduces extra fat. So, you can see a reduction in your bust. You can use a handful of neem leaves. Put it in water and boil it for at least five minutes. Simmer the solution and strain. Before drinking, add honey to it. The remedy can show the effect when you try it daily for a few months. It can reduce fat deposits and reduce chest size.

Take Supplements

Certain natural supplements contain ingredients that target your fatty cells in the mammary organs. So, these supplements reduce excess fat in the bust region effectively. It also balances the hormone secretion triggering breast enlargement. So, using the supplements, you can achieve toned and firm bust.

Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia supplement (300mg or 500mg) has a fat-burning ability. When you consume the supplements regularly, it increases your body’s metabolic rate. So, you can see visible changes in your body, including your chest region. It makes weight loss an easy task.

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil

Fish oil supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids. These supplements are well known for its anti-estrogen activities. So, using the supplements can reduce the estrogen levels in your body. Your bust size increases due to the excess production of estrogen hormones. Limiting the hormone levels in your body reduces the bust. Use fish oil supplements (1000mg) daily or eat cooked every alternate day to get the desired effect.

Breast Massage

Massaging the chest region increases blood circulation. So, it can eliminate fat deposits in your breast tissues. You can use warm coconut or olive oil for massaging. Apply warm oil on your breast and massage the breast in an upward motion. Use circular strokes gently for ten minutes. You can wash off the oil after that. Massaging your breast on a daily basis is one of the natural ways to reduce breast size.

One Of The Natural Ways To Reduce Breast Size: A Good Diet

Your diet also plays a major role in reducing the size of your breasts. So, you need to include a balanced diet with calories required for your body. Consuming excess calories makes it difficult for your body to burn it. So, these accumulate as fat and you gain weight. It causes you to possess a bigger bust. You need to follow the instruction suggested below to avoid such issues:

Fat Burning Food To Reduce Breast Size

Consume fat burning food. It helps reduce fat. So, you can include the following in your diet:

Avoid Certain Foods

Some types of food contain excess calories and fat. Your body fails to burn the excess calories contributed by such food items. So, try to stay away from the following:

  • Fatty foods like oily snacks, cream, cheese, and red meat
  • Processed foods
  • Sugary items
  • Carbonated drinks

Drink Water

You need to drink a lot of water (at least 8 glasses per day), it detoxifies your body and flushes the toxins and fat out.

Other Tips

Wearing a good bra can make your bust look smaller. So, you need to invest in a good bra of the right size. It flatters your chest region.

Exercises: One Of The Natural Ways To Reduce Breast Size

A good fitness regime is effective in losing weight and toning different parts of your body, including the bust region. You can include the following physical activities in your life to achieve a toned bust.



All types of cardio exercises promote weight loss. It can reduce the excess fat accumulated in your body in areas like bust, abdomen, arms, etc. So, you can include jogging to reduce your bust. You have to jog for twenty to thirty minutes every day to tone your chest and overall body. The cardio exercise will make you feel refreshed throughout the day. You can also increase your energy levels by jogging in the morning.


The exercise regime is helpful in burning fat from the chest region. So, completing fifteen to twenty repetitions can make your bust uplifted and firm. You can see a reduction in their size after some time.



While swimming you tend to use your entire body, especially the chest region. For swimming, you need to move your hands. So, it tones the chest region by burning the fat surrounding it. It can, in turn, reduce the breast size. Swimming regularly can offer workout to your chest. The strokes can strengthen your shoulder muscles and help you achieve the desired shape and size of your breasts. Include swimming practice for twenty minutes daily to get perkier and tone breasts.


Half Moon Pose
Half Moon Pose

Yoga is one of the natural ways to reduce breast size. It is an ancient exercise form practiced by people for several centuries. You can strengthen your physical and mental health by practicing yoga. Some of the yoga poses can bring down your bust size. But, you need to follow the correct pose for getting good results. You have to hold each yoga pose for ten to twenty seconds to see the results. The yoga poses that offer the desired results are:

These remedies can offer better results compared to other creams, pills or even invasive surgery. But, you have to stay focused and complete the suggested methods without fail as specified. The rest will fall into place. So, you can reach your goal of firmer and perkier breasts without wasting your time or money.


Many women like to have a bigger bust as they feel it enhances their sex appeal. If you are not one of them and feel bigger bust causes your issues, then you need to follow natural ways to reduce breast size. Before opting for surgery, you can try these effective tips to see visible changes. While several pills and creams claim to reduce bust, following the tips suggested in the article will help you achieve the goal. You a good fitness regime and eat a balanced diet to maintain the results. The effective natural ways to reduce breast size will help feel confident about your body without spending too much. You can follow any one of the methods that work well for you. A little commitment and hard work from your side can yield only positive results. You will experience no ill-effects by following natural methods.

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