What To Do About Increased Butt Size

Bigger Butt : Reason Behind Increased Butt Size and How to Reduce it

Is bigger butt making you the butt of the jokes? Everyone is different from the other. So, you have a unique body structure different from the others. Your uniqueness and personality make you beautiful and appealing. But, some people can always find fault with you. It mainly focuses on your body. Body shaming is prevalent in the society. Your increased butt size may act as a beacon for attracting such nasty comments.

So, what to do? It is not possible for everyone to have a model-thin body. The solution is to become fit. Your bigger butt can cause you more problems. The society can have an obsession with increased butt size. But, it is a problem for the person who has it.

The Reality Of Bigger Butt

The trendy of having bigger butt started with Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star is the one responsible for the fad. Therefore, fitness trainers and plastic surgeon have their hands busy to transform the butt size. People have the option to try new exercises and butt implants to grow their butt size. The media markets bigger butt by labeling it as sexy.

So, what is the problem? People with bigger butt have to face many problems in their daily life. Having an increased butt comes with several discomforts. Many are not aware of it. You know why? Because grass is greener on the other side.

Problems Associated With Bigger Butt

Kim K built an empire with her posterior. Everyone is not so lucky in real life. Your bigger butt can create issues may sound funny. But, it is true. So, let’s see the common issues because of your increased butt size:

Movement Problems

  • A bigger butt means you need extra space. So, you will hate it when you are walking between tables, small spaces, or moving in a crowded space.
  • Your posterior can take the tablecloth in on a table or knock things off. Sounds silly? It is true. Therefore, you may feel like walking with an extra limb on your backside. The limb poking from the butt can knock people. So, it results in you getting embarrassed.

Additional Weight

  • The increased butt size means extra weight. The additional weight puts pressure on your lower back. So, it can affect your posture. It changes the way you walk or stand. Therefore, it can lead to frequent back pain. It causes major inconvenience in your life.
  • The increased butt size can affect your back muscles. So, it will result in pain. You have to live a life with constant pain.
  • The common problem for people with the bigger butt is to find a good chair/stool. Sitting becomes embossing and distressing. The sides of the cheeks can spill over the chair/stool making it look bigger. So, it makes you excruciatingly uncomfortable. It can also cut into your thighs inducing pain.

Issues With Clothes

  • Shopping becomes a nightmare. Finding the right jeans or skirts can lead to headaches. You cannot find the jeans/skirt you like. Covering your hefty derriere needs more material. Unfortunately, the skirts end up shorter in the back or you cannot pull the jeans you like past your butt.
  • Your clothes stretch over the bigger butt making it vulnerable to tear. So, wearing tights is a big no! It stretches over the backside making it transparent. Awkward.

What Is The Reason For Increased Butt Size

So, what exactly is the reason you have a bigger butt? Well, several reasons can influence a person to have an increased butt size. Want to know some of them? Here it is:

Fat Cells

Each person has distinguished body design. Therefore, the place of fat accumulation differs from one person to another. The fat cells stores the excess fat in your body. So, the accumulated fat gets stored by the new cells. It gets added to join the other as the fat accumulation increases.

Food Habits


Consuming more food than necessary is another factor leading to the increased butt size. Your body converts the food into energy. So, consuming more food results in fat formation. The eating habits and quantity are responsible for the weight gain.


The heredity factor also influences the original fat accumulation region. If your family has the issues of accumulating fat in the lower body, then you can also get affected.

Metabolism Issues

Some people have a low metabolism. So, it causes the body to convert the food into energy at a slow pace. You may have trouble having high calorie or high-fat food. It fails to metabolize resulting in excess fat. People suffering from thyroid problems have low metabolism compared to others.


Hormones play an important role in the fat accumulation. The two important hormones that influence the butt size are:


Insulin secreted by the pancreas affects the blood sugar levels in your body. In a healthy person, it transports the glucose to all parts of the body. It then transforms it into energy necessary to complete daily functions. Malfunctioning of the insulin hormone can result in weight gain. Therefore, it results in the bigger butt.


The estrogen in the body circulates your bloodstream. It is effective in binding to the fat tissue and settles in different places. Depending on the age, exercise levels, and other events, the hormones changes. Subsequently, the fat adjusts itself and accumulates in specific areas. Women are prone to preferential fat distribution. So, the accumulated fat settles on their thighs or butt. It leads to having a pear-shaped body. It results in having a bottom-heavy body structure with a bigger butt.

What To Do About Increased Butt Size

Having a bigger butt is a blessing at times. You have your own natural padding to keep your butt safe. You need no special chair to feel comfortable. And most important, everyone loves curves. So, what is the problem? The downside of a bigger butt is more. The constant embarrassing incidents will make you think about reducing the size of the posterior. What can you do? Several things.

Include Healthy Diet


Your diet plays a significant role in keeping you fit. You cannot change your food habits all of a sudden. So, you need to take small steps towards healthy eating. Start with including more fruits and vegetable in your diet. You need to limit the sugar, processed food, soda intake. Gradually avoid it altogether. Therefore, you can transform the small actions over time into a healthy habit.

Embracing Active Lifestyle

You can become more active by looking for creative ways to do your daily chores. So, you can perform active work at home cleaning, washing or gardening. You can also play energetic songs to make you dance. Slow dancing can burn the excess calories in your body. Do not become a couch potato. Therefore, get up and keep moving.

Park Far Away

Your car can make you walk more. Confused? Don’t get frustrated if you do not find a parking space. You can take advantage of the situation by parking your car far away. You can walk to the parking spot to get the necessary exercise to reduce your bigger butt. So, it will keep you healthy without trying too hard.

Climb The Stairs



Ditch the lift and opt to climb the stairs. It will burn the fat accumulated on your thighs and butt area. Even a small amount of stair climbing can provide positive results on your body. So, you can see changes in your increased butt size.

Outdoor Activities

Participating in outdoor activities instead of staying at home can make you more active. So, you can reduce your bigger butt without getting bored. Taking part in some interesting activities can offer you the fun and excitement. Therefore, you reduce the butt size while enjoying the process.

Rock Climbing

It is a full body workout that burns calories effectively. It burns twice the calories compared to other activities. Worried about the risks involved? Then, take the safer option of indoor rock climbing.




Every step uphill reduces your bigger butt. You can enjoy the nature along with burning calories. So, hiking can rejuvenate your body and soul.

Physical Activity To Reduce Bigger Butt

Yes, you read it right. Toning and strengthening of the backside with physical activity can reduce the bigger butt. It will make your muscles on the backside look good.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

As the name suggests, you need to perform some fast-paced workout. You can burn more calories with the series of alternating exercises. So, you can transform your body shape with the exercise. The HIIT routine has 12 to 15 exercises. You have to put in a lot of effort to perform each exercise. Therefore, you have to spend 30 seconds to exercise and take 10 seconds rest. You start the next exercise, then take rest. It continues until you complete all the exercises. So, you have to try exercises like:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Crunches
  • Leg Lifts
  • Pushups
  • Jogging in place
  • Planks
  • Dips



Power yoga or fast-paced yoga can also provide you with the same results as HIIT. So, you need to include 15 to 20 sequences of challenging yoga poses. You need to sweat profusely to get the desired results. Apart from reducing your bigger butt, it will make your body more flexible.

Other Exercises

You can also try other exercise routines to make positive changes on your increased butt size. Some exercises provide you with positive results compared to others. So, you can try the exercise routine at home.


You can try the exercise at home. Therefore, you can perform the bodyweight squats by following the steps:

  • You need to keep your feet shoulder-width away from each other.
  • For balance, keep your arms straight in front of you.
  • Now, lower your butt towards the floor.
  • You need to take care not to let the knees come in front of your toes.
  • Low the butt down like sitting on a chair. But, do not let your knees cave in. So, maintain their position in line with the toes.
  • Stand up and repeat it.

Chair Pose

You can strengthen the glutes with the posture. It will strengthen your butt muscles and reduce the fat. So, you can change the increased butt size with the exercise.

  • Stand with your back pressed into a wall.
  • Now place your feet apart.
  • Lift your arms away from the body and cross them.
  • Slide your back. You must continue sliding until the knees are at a ninety-degree angle. Keep the knees in line with the toes.
  • Maintain the pose for 30 seconds.


Do you want to tone your butt? Then, the lunge is the perfect exercise to tone the bigger butt.

  • You need to stand with your feet together.
  • Now, take a step back.
  • You need to bend your knee of the front foot to 90 degrees.
  • Move your back knee to face the floor
  • Lift your heel of the back foot.
  • Step the back foot frontward.
  • Return to your original position.
  • Repeat the exercise.

Side Stepping

The sidestepping is the easiest exercise you can do at home anytime. The aerobic movement can increase your heart rate. So, it will help burn the excess calories in the thigh and butt area. You can feel changes on our bigger butt with the sidestepping.

Food To Reduce Bigger Butt


You can include some food in our diet to burn the fat from the butt region. Therefore, it can show changes in your increased butt size. The common food item with weight loss properties are:

  • Almonds
  • Lemon Juice
  • Fish
  • Fresh Fruits like Apples, Berries, etc.
  • Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, etc.
  • Egg white
  • Greek Yogurt


You can eliminate the worry of your increased butt size by implementing good changes. So, you need to include the physical activity to increase the heart rate. It will strengthen your posterior muscles transforming its visual appeal. Eating right is another way to make changes on your bigger butt.

Having a healthy lifestyle with a good diet will eliminate the unwanted fat. Therefore, you will have an attractive shape. Eliminate the negative influences from your body to follow a healthy life. The other important factor is to possess the confidence. Do not let the negative comments of others affect you. Hence, be proud of your fit body.

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