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Release Your Pains and Relax Yourself with Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda or the Science of life is a holistic way of treating diseases, with the help of all that is available from nature. Ayurvedic treatments have no side effects and it can provide a healthy long life without giving any kind of tension to the mind. Ayurvedic treatment relaxes the mind as well as body. Many sages have dedicated their whole life in studying in detail the medicinal values of different herbs and other materials available from nature for the cure of diseases.

List of various ayurvedic treatments


Abhyangam is body massage treatment in ayurveda. Abhyangam literally means massage. This is a special kind of oil massage. The body is stroked as per the needs for 45 minutes. This treatment is for a period of 14 days and is useful for diabetic gangrene and obesity. Specially prepared herbal oils are applied on to the body and massaged well to stimulate the vital points. Massage with herbal oils is good for the skin and early aging of the skin is prevented. Moreover, the muscular aches and body pains are lessened. The oil massage is followed by an herbal steam bath which is equally good to the body. The body’s resistance to diseases is increased as Abhyangam increases the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies. Massage gives exercise the body’s nervous system. Thus Abhyangam acts as a protection shield against diseases and rejuvenates the body.


This is a treatment where the herbal oils, buttermilk, medicated milk are made to flow on the forehead and scalp for 45 minutes from a hanging vessel. The treatment has to be continued for a period of 7-21 days. Dhara is a good treatment for insomnia, mental disorders, loss of memory and rheumatic diseases. There are two types of Dhara- Thakra Dhara and Siro Dhara.

Thakra Dhara gives head massage with medicated buttermilk. It is poured on to the forehead and scalp without any interruption from a hanging vessel placed above the person lying. Scalp problems like Psoriasis, dandruff, hair fall can be treated using Thakra Dhara. Diabetes, skin problems and Hypertension are also treated using Thakra Dhara.

Siro Dhara is a treatment where head massage with herbal oil is first given and then an uninterrupted flow of oil is allowed to flow on the forehead and scalp. Siro Dhara releases stress, strain and also generates sleep. It maintains hormone balance.

Patra Potala Swedam:

Patra Potala Swedam is a method of treatment where herbal leaves and herbal powders are fried in herbal medicinal oil and are applied on the body with a massaging effect. Patra potala swedam is popularly known as ‘Elakizhi’ or ‘Pachakizhi’. 45 minutes of Patra potala swedam for a period of 7 days can give relief from lumbago, arthritis, shoulder pain, stiffness of the joints, inflammatory conditions and sciatica.


Sirovasthi is a treatment where lukewarm herbal oil is poured into a cap placed on the head for 15-60 minutes a day for a period of 7-14 days. This is an effective treatment for dry nostrils, throat and mouth. Severe headache, facial paralysis and arthritis can be cured through Sirovasthi.

A piece of leather is placed on the head which is about 8 inches in length and with the help of a band, it is tied on to the head. To prevent leakage of oil poured inside the sleeve, kneaded dough is used as a lining. Oil is poured into the sleeve and is allowed to remain for some time. This treatment cures sleeplessness, migraine, hair loss, cervical problems and tinnitus.


Nasyam is a treatment where medicated oil drops are administered into the nostrils of the patient. The treatment helps to eliminate toxins from the neck region as well as the head. It cures headache, migraine, chronic cold, cervical spondylosis, chest congestion, facial palsy and sinusitis. Nasyam helps the patient to have a good sleep and gives lightness to the body. It is a good method for curing cervical vertebrae degeneration.


Pizhichil is a treatment where lukewarm herbal oils are applied all over the body by masseurs. Massage is given by 2 or 4 masseurs for 90 minutes a day for 7-21 days. This is a rejuvenating treatment. It is best for treating rheumatism and nervous disorders.

During this treatment, the patient is made to lie on ‘Dharapathi’ and oil dipped cloth are squeezed and rubbed on to the body by the masseurs. Massage is skillfully done and medicated oil is squeezed out of the cloth together. Stiffness of joint and limbs, dislocation of joints and paralytic conditions can be cured through this treatment.


This massage with herbal powders can cure diseases like paralysis, obesity, hemiplegia and rheumatic diseases. Massage with herbal powders is done for 30-45 minutes a day for a period of 7-28 days. This treatment can control cholesterol and helps in reducing weight. Tightening of skin and strengthening of muscles is possible with this treatment.

Ksheera Dhoomam:

Ksheera Dhoomam is a fomentation process. Medicated cow’s milk is used for this purpose for treating facial paralysis disorders, spondylosis and spastic disorders. This treatment uses medicated milk for steaming purpose. The steam of the milk is passed to the whole body of the patient. Headache, allergies and nervous disorders can also be treated with Ksheera dhoomam.


Njavaratheppu is a treatment where Njavara rice pudding is applied all over the body and the warm pudding helps in perspiration. This treatment is good for skin problems, toning of the muscles and Muscular dystrophy. Skin texture is also improved with this treatment.


In this treatment, medicated ghee is poured in the eyes for 15 minutes. An herbal paste boundary is kept round the eyes and ghee is poured into it. Better eyesight, blood circulation to the eyes and protection from age can be gained through this treatment.

Kadi vasti:

Kadi Vasti is a treatment for spinal disorders. In Kadi vasti, medicated warm oil is poured to the lower back of the body inside an herbal boundary paste. The medicated oils used for Kadi vasti have great healing powers. This treatment cleanses the blood, rejuvenates the muscles and connective tissues. The joints are made flexible and are made pain free.

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