Shoulder Injuries Causes Treatment

Shoulder Injuries: Causes, Picture, Symptoms, and Treatment

Shoulder injuries are common occurrences in day-to-day life. It is due to the fact that your shoulders get a real workout every day. You use your shoulders for severe work like lifting something, reaching higher places, or just throwing something. Even the small movement like picking something from the ground involves your shoulder. If you have no issues performing the range of motions, then it means your shoulder have no problem. So, a healthy shoulder has a great range of motions. But, it also puts the strain on your shoulders. Ultimately you can injure your shoulders. The injury can disrupt your normal movements.

More than 10 million people around the world suffer from shoulder problems. Different types of injuries can affect your mobility. The problems range from shoulder sprains to rotator cuff problems. In most cases, you underestimate the problem. you may become accustomed to the steady pain. So, you tend to ignore the weakness in your arm and other signs. The limitation of your joint motion becomes a common occurrence. It leads you to consider the pain as the second nature. But, you have to give it the utmost importance. So, you must take the necessary steps to overcome the problem.

Main Causes Of Shoulder Injuries

shoulder injuriesThe excessive strain on the shoulders can result in injuries. Even everyday activities like gardening, hanging curtains or washing walls can trigger the issue. The common problems in the shoulder do not affect the bones. But, it affects the following:

The athletic activities cause the majority of the problem. the excessive and repetitive overhead motion can lead to the injuries. So, you can get affected by the issue with the following athletic events:

  • Weightlifting
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Pitching

You are susceptible to the shoulder problem with repetitive motion or an intense training program. So, athletes can suffer from the issue more compared to others. Athletes mostly ignore the condition. They continue to play without seeking help for the shoulder injury. Therefore, it aggravates the condition leading to more complications.

Warning Signs Of Shoulder Injuries

How do you know you have an injury? The first sign of all the shoulder injuries is the pain. When you feel pain in the shoulder, you need to check for the following:

  • Is your shoulder feeling stiff? Stiffness in your shoulder can limit the arm rotation in all normal positions.
  • You may feel your shoulder can slide or pop out of the socket.
  • The lack of strength to carry out even normal daily activities.

When you feel one of the above possibilities, it means you need to visit your doctor. A doctor specializing in the treatment of bones (orthopedic surgeon) can help determine the problem. With the assistance of the medical help, you can get treatment for the issue.

Different Types Of Shoulder Injuries And Symptoms

You can experience different types of shoulder injuries. Each injury is different from the other. So, the symptoms can vary. You need the assistance of your doctor to determine the actual problem. But, you need the right information. It will help you take the appropriate steps without any delay. Quick action can limit the complication from escalating. Therefore, the common injuries your shoulder can suffer are:

Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff is an important part of your shoulder. It is the group of muscles as well as tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. The main function of the rotator cuff is to keep the ball of the upper arm bone within the shoulder socket. Some people perform repeated overhead motions. It is due to the nature of their job or sports practice. In either case, the repeated motion can lead to rotator cuff injuries. Age is another factor increasing the risk of such injuries.

Symptoms Of Rotator Cuff Tear

When you suffer from the problem, you can experience the following signs:

  • Dull ache originating from the deep shoulder
  • Difficulty to reach overhead or your back
  • Pain that can affect the sleep pattern
  • Weakness in the arm
  • Severe pain while lying on the injured shoulder

The treatment plan focuses on providing relief from the pain. So, your doctor can adopt the invasive and non-invasive methods. Depending on the severity of the issue, you get the right treatment plan.

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Or Shoulder Impingement

Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Or Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement can affect middle age people as well as young athletes. It is common among these people to experience rotator cuff pain. Some people are more at risk of getting the problem compared to others like:


People who use their arms overhead for different sports events like swimming, tennis, and baseball. The repeated overhead motion makes them vulnerable to the problem.

Nature Of Work

Do you use your arm repeatedly for lifting or overhead activities? Then, you may suffer from shoulder impingement. Therefore, people who work the following jobs are susceptible to the issue:

  • Painting
  • Construction
  • Paperhanging

Also at risk are people who do repetitive lifting or overhead activities using the arm, such as painting, paper hanging or construction.

Symptoms Of Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

You can experience pain in the rotator cuff due to other injuries. But, the pain occurring with no reason points towards the problem. So, you can experience the following signs:

  • Feeling tender in the midpoint of arm/front of the shoulder
  • Shoulder pain
  • Stiffness with movement
  • Night pain interrupting the sleeping pattern

Without getting proper treatment, the signs may escalate. Thus, you may endure more severe signs like:

  • Sudden pain while trying to reach something
  • Pain radiating from the front of your shoulder to the side of your arm
  • Minor pain without any activity (at rest)
  • Pain while throwing or lifting
  • Mild ache with activity
  • Loss of strength in the arm
  • Difficulty to sleep through the night (Pain keeps you awake)

The treatment option varies from surgical to non-surgical. Your doctor chooses the right plan depending on your age, activity level, and general health.

Shoulder Instability/Dislocated Shoulder

Shoulder Instability/Dislocated Shoulder

You use your shoulders daily for several activities. It is the mobile joint that is more prone to dislocation. The dislocation is the common injury that happens when the bone pops out from the socket. You have a cup-shaped socket that secures the upper arm bone. It is the part of your shoulder blade. The dislocated shoulder can lead to bankart lesions and labral tears.

Symptoms Of Dislocated Shoulder

The dislocated shoulder can cause the following signs in your body. The symptoms include:

  • Weakness near the injury site
  • Pain
  • Tingling sensation near the tear
  • Numbness down the arm or neck region
  • Shoulder spasm causing intense pain
  • Inability to move the joint
  • Visible out of the place shoulder

The treatment option focuses on closed reduction. It can limit the injury and prevent it from worsening. You can get medications to relieve the pain. The immobilization aims to reduce the impact of the problem. Other non-surgical and surgical options also provide immense relief.

One Of The Common Shoulder Injuries: SLAP Tear

One Of The Common Shoulder Injuries: SLAP Tear

Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior (SLAP) tear is one of the common shoulder injuries. The superior or the top part of labrum gets injured. Your biceps tendon gets attached to the labrum in the superior region. The SLAP tear can occur on both the front and back of the attachment point. Sometimes, the bicep tendon also gets injured. It is a common occurrence among players who play sports events like tennis and baseball.

Symptoms Of SLAP Tear

The symptoms of SLAP are similar to the other shoulder injuries. So, the common signs are:

  • Pain while lifting or any movement
  • Decreased range of motion
  • The sensation of popping/grinding/locking
  • Trouble lifting hand overhead
  • The difficulty of holding the shoulder in specific positions

The treatment of the SLAP tear is similar to the other shoulder injuries. At first, your doctor opts the non-surgical treatment option. But, if your pain does not improve, then you need other treatment methods. So, your doctor opts for shoulder arthroscopy.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

One of the common shoulder injuries is adhesive capsulitis. Commonly known as frozen shoulder, it causes stiffness in the shoulder joint. You also experience pain due to the problem. It is a progressive disease that worsens over time. So, if you do not seek treatment, the condition can worsen within two years. But, as time progresses, the problem can resolve.

Signs Of Frozen Shoulder

The symptoms you may experience depends on the stage of the problem. Three stages of the problem can last for several months each. Therefore, the symptoms are:

Inflammatory Or Frozen Stage

Generally, the problem starts with the stage. During the freezing stage, you can experience pain with the shoulder movement. So, it limits your movement considerably.

Adhesive Or Frozen Stage

During the stage, you can feel stiffness in your shoulders. So, it can affect the range of motion. But, the pain reduces considerably.

Thawing Stage

It is the final stage. You may experience relief during the period. You can get back the range of motion during the stage. So, your shoulder feels fine.

The treatment option is almost similar to the other methods. But, the problem may resolve itself after some duration of time. It is better to seek medical advice to avoid complications.

Shoulder Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the common problem affecting your shoulder. With the condition, the articular cartilage of your bone wears down. The articular cartilage is the smooth outer covering that sustains wear and tears with repeated use over time. So, it results in frayed cartilage with a rough texture. It causes a decrease in the protective space between your bones. Therefore, when the joint bones rub against each other, it causes pain. It makes it difficult for you to move due to the pain.

Symptoms Of Shoulder Arthritis

You may experience the visible symptoms of the issue with activity. So, the following signs point towards shoulder arthritis:

  • Pain with aggravated activity
  • Grinding or clicking noise with shoulder movement
  • Limited range of motion
  • Pain during sleeping

Diagnosis Of Shoulder Injuries

Once you feel the pain and other discomforts in the shoulder region, you need to see your doctor. The doctor can use various diagnostic tools to determine the actual issue. So, the different tests to detect the problem in your bones and joints are:


The imaging tests can visualize bone spurs. It also helps determine issues like arthritis. Your doctor can detect the potential cause of the pain using the technique.


The ultrasound uses the sound waves to produce images as well as structures. It is used by the doctors to visualize the soft tissues. So, your doctor can find the problems in the tendons and muscles. It also allows for dynamic testing. Therefore, your doctor can assess the shoulder structure as you move it. The ultrasound is also helpful for a quick comparison of the healthy and affected shoulder. So, based on the comparison, your doctor can assess the damage.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

It is the sophisticated imaging technology that uses the radio waves as well as strong magnets. The MRI provides comprehensive details about the shoulder structure. So, high-quality images can help your doctor determine the various shoulder injuries with precision.

Treatment Options Of Shoulder Injuries

The treatment plan adopted by your doctor depends on the issue you suffer. So, your doctor takes the right steps after diagnosing the issue. But, the main treatment options available are the non-surgical and surgical treatment methods.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Your doctor adopts the option for less severe shoulder injuries. Several different types of treatment methods are available. Based on the severity of the issue, your doctor suggests the best one for you. So, the different options available are:

Conservative Treatments

The most simple treatment option for small injuries is the rest and ice. You need to rest your shoulder joint to limit the problem from escalating. Icing the area can provide relief from the pain and swelling. It is mostly suggested for small problems. So, you can reverse the condition with good care.



If you still feel the pain, then your doctor may recommend injections. The steroid injection to the shoulder joint can relieve the pain. It is a method opted by your doctor if the pain interferes with your daily life. People who are unable to sleep, exercise or perform daily activities can opt the method. But, using the injection needs caution. Using it long-term can weaken the tendon. Therefore, use the injection temporarily.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy is the most common treatment option for different shoulder injuries. The physical therapist suggests exercises tailored to restore the strength and flexibility of the specific location on your shoulder. The various physical movements conditions the joints and bones in the shoulder region. So, you can relieve the pain, stiffness, and discomfort due to the injury. In most cases, physical therapy can speed recovery after surgery. In case you need surgery, your doctor suggests physical therapy.

Surgical Treatment Option

Your doctor suggests the surgical option for severe cases. At times other methods may not work to relieve the problem. So, surgical treatment becomes the last resort to overcome shoulder injuries. In either case, you need to understand all the risks associated with the surgery. So, talk to your doctor about the risks and potential complications you can face. Your doctor chooses the type of surgery depending on the shoulder injury.

Preventing Shoulder Injuries

Is it possible to prevent the injuries to the shoulder? The good news is yes. You can take some steps in your life to avoid the issue completely. It will eliminate the distress and agony associated with the problems. Some shoulder problems need no surgery. But, you may still feel the pain and lack of movement. Therefore, it is better to avoid the issue completely. The following steps can help you avoid it completely:

Listen To Your Body

You need to monitor the changes occurring in your body. If you feel soreness or pain in the shoulder, then do not ignore it. The soreness or pain after any activity indicates a serious issue. So, you need to seek medical assistance immediately without delay. Ignoring the pain and continuing your life can make it worse. Therefore, take the right action as soon as possible.

Stay In Shape

If you maintain your physical shape, then you can limit the injuries. Keeping the physical shape of the bod is essential to limit the injuries. Therefore, follow a good diet and include regular exercise. The consumption of food rich in vitamin and minerals can keep the body strong. Regular physical exercise can condition and strengthen your joints as well as muscles.

Exercise Correctly

When you include physical exercise, you need to take it slow. Your body needs to come in terms with the physical exertion. Doing a strenuous activity all of a sudden can increase your risk of getting injured. Therefore, always starts slow. If you have not done any physical activity for a long time, then start slowly. Always warm up before the workout. Never perform complicated exercises without assistance. So, you need to learn to lift weights from a professional. It will help you know the right way and right weight to lift.


You can experience should injuries at any point in your life. Therefore, you need to maintain caution. Getting medical treatment at the right time can prevent complications. With appropriate care and medical treatment, you can reverse the effects of the problems.

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