Risks of using Cosmetics

Dermatitis: Risks of using Cosmetics

Dermatitis is the skin condition that refers to the inflammation. You may see an itchy rash or red/swollen skin. It can occur in many forms. But, it causes grief to women when it appears on the face. Women like to put their best face forward. It gives them the self-confidence to face the challenges thrown at them. Having a stunning visual appearance has now become a necessity. Makeups and cosmetics help women attain a striking visual appearance. But, will skin problems, cosmetics can cause allergies or other problems. So, issues like dermatitis can put a wedge in your efforts to look good. With skin issues, it becomes difficult to apply makeup. Hence, it is important to know about dermatitis in detail to avoid complications.

What Is Dermatitis?

Dermatitis is a very common skin condition. It can make you self-conscious about your appearance. So, you may feel uncomfortable to go out in public. A skin affected by dermatitis can have:

Types Of Dermatitis

You need to understand the skin issue dermatitis clearly. It will shed light on the risk of using cosmetics with the skin problems. The main types of dermatitis include:

Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis

In the contact dermatitis, a rash appears on your skin. It particularly appears on areas of the skin that has come in contact with allergic substances. So, the chemical reaction of the substances can result in rashes that may burn, itch or sting. You may even develop blisters due to the allergic reaction. It is mainly caused by soaps, essential oils or plants like poison ivy.



Known by the medical term atopic dermatitis, it is common among people. You can see the red rash-like symptoms on your skin. It is more prominent in areas of skin flexes. So, you can find it behind the knees, in front of the neck, and inside the elbows. You need to maintain caution with eczema. By scratching it, the rash may leak. It results in crusting over. It can put cause you major embarrassment. Atopic dermatitis is an unpredictable skin issue that can cease or flare unexpectedly. With treatment, the eczema is manageable.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis

It causes red skin, scaly patches, and dandruff that is hard to remove. Seborrheic dermatitis can affect your visual beauty. It affects only the oily regions of the body. So, you can get it on your face, back, and upper chest area. Small children especially infants get skin issues. It is usually known as cradle cap. You need to understand that it is a long-term issue. So, it can flare up or go into remission.

Seeing A Doctor For Dermatitis

You need to consult a doctor about the skin condition. It will help you overcome the discomfort associated with the issue. Make sure to make an appointment with your doctor if you feel the following:

  • Severe discomfort causing sleepless nights.
  • Painful skin that is tender to touch.
  • Complications of the skin leading to distraction from the daily chores of life.
  • Failure of the self-care steps that does not relieve the discomfort.

Risk Of Using Cosmetics With Dermatitis

Cosmetics is now an integral part of women’s routine. It helps you put the best face forward. The different products for hair, face, nails, perfume, etc. reflects your style. It will help you enhance your appeal. The individual sense of style makes you different from the others. Unfortunately, dermatitis can restrict your use of cosmetics. The different makeup products can cause irritation of your skin. So, people with dermatitis can experience discomfort with the use of cosmetics like:

  • Red Skin
  • Inflamed Skin
  • Dryness of the skin
  • Bumps
  • Blisters that ooze fluid
  • Itching of the skin

Dermatitis has no specific cure. It can happen to kids and children alike. Sometimes you can develop the issue as a kid that relapses into your adulthood. With no cure, you need to know what you use on your skin. It is significant to know the ingredients used in the products to minimize the allergies. You need to get proper treatment to reduce the symptoms. With a proper skincare regime, you can also reduce the flares.

How Is It Risky To Use Cosmetics With Dermatitis?

You may wonder how it becomes risky to use the makeup products on your skin with dermatitis. The answer is that dermatitis affects your skin barrier. It can reduce the strength of your skin leading to cracks and openings. So, the outer layer of your skin becomes more prone to damage. It becomes sensitive to certain grooming products and cosmetics. So, you can experience stinging, itching, burning or the worsening of dermatitis symptoms. In such cases, you need to avoid the use of soaps or cosmetics that cause you harm.

Association Of Cosmetics And Dermatitis

Today, it is impossible to step out without cosmetics. The good makeup offers you self-confidence as it makes you look good. With dermatitis, you feel restricted to accentuate your natural beauty with cosmetics. So, you may feel frustrated. But, in reality, the contact of certain products can cause irritation or allergic reaction on your skin. The products may include your makeup, nail product, hair dye or perfume. You need to approach each item with caution to avoid complications. Let us see how you can deal with each product with caution. So, it will help you use the product without worry or fear.

Check For Fragrances And Preservatives On Cosmetics

When you buy cosmetics, then you need to check its label. Look out for the fragrances as well as the preservative used in it. Identify the ingredients in the cosmetics that cause you grief. It is important to note the chemicals that cause an allergic reaction or irritation. So, you can refrain from using it. Look for the following in your cosmetics:

  • Find cosmetics that have the labels unscented, fragrance-free or hypoallergenic. It ensures you are using products with no fragrance or preservatives.
  • Some of the unscented cosmetics may have ingredients that can lead to irritations. So, the most ideal solution is to do patch testing. It will help you detect the allergic ingredient that incites an unfavorable reaction on your skin.

Maintaining Caution With Hair Dye

Getting grey is common now. You can get grey hair at a young age due to stress and tension. So, hair dye or coloring products can help you regain the youthful look. But, hair dye is another product that is a big no for people with dermatitis. It can irritate the skin or cause dandruff. The chemicals in the hair dye can cause several issues on the skin. So, you may get issues on the face, scalp, or neck. In such cases performing a patch test is essential.

Check For Makeup Brands With Good Reputation

Skin becomes damaged with dermatitis. Therefore, using cosmetics like moisturizers requires caution. You may use moisturizer to keep the skin on face and around the eyes hydrated. The skin is sensitive around the area. Subsequently, the products can enter deep into the skin. It can cause infection due to bacteria or other microorganisms. Hence, users need to use products that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have hypoallergenic or fragrance-free labels
  • Reputed brand with good reviews from people affected by dermatitis
  • Choose cream-based cosmetics and not powder products
  • Use clean fingers to apply makeup or other facial products
  • If using makeup brushes, clean it regularly to avoid bacterial growth

What Is A Patch Test?

What Is A Patch Test?

In the article, you may have read about patch test several times. So, what exactly is a patch test? You can ask your doctor to perform the patch test. The doctor applies different allergens on your skin. You have to wait for 48 hours to know the results. The results will reveal your allergies and delayed allergic reactions. After revealing the relevant allergens, you can identify the products/ingredients you need to avoid.

Dermatitis And Wearing Cosmetics

Any skin issues must never restrict your choice to look good. You should have the choice to wear cosmetics or makeup to make you feel good. How is it possible? Even if you cannot wear the makeup on a daily basis, you can make informed choices. So, you can choose the right combinations or specific ingredients to avoid the flare-up of the problem. It will help you select products that you can use generously on your skin. Therefore, read the tips below.

Read The Ingredients List Carefully

Read The Ingredients List Carefully

When you choose a makeup product or cosmetics for our skin, try to read the ingredients. Makes sure to avoid the following as it can cause irritation and inflammation:

  • The added fragrances
  • Preservatives like methylparaben or butylparaben
  • Products with glycolic acid or salicylic acid as it dries the skin

So, look for products with natural preservatives like neem oil to ensure it causes no side effects on our skin. The products labeled good for sensitive skin is ideal for your face. It has very limited ingredients that you can check before using. Always gauge the reaction of your skin by applying it to a small area. Therefore, it helps you know how it will react to your skin.

Apply Base Layer Before Your Makeup

People with dermatitis need to follow an important step in their makeup, to apply the base layer. The base layer acts a good moisturizer that reduces the dryness. So, include a good moisturizer as the base. It will make your skin soft and supple. Keep in mind the following pointers that will help you make the best choice:

  • You need to take care to buy products that have ceramides or shea butter as the key element. It will keep your skin free from issues like inflammation and dry patches.
  • Opt for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid. It has the capability to hold the moisture in your facial skin. So, it causes no irritation or itching.
  • Have you contacted your dermatologist for dermatitis? Then, your doctor may have prescribed topical medication. Apply the cream before using the makeup. It will help you prevent the flaring of the skin problem.
  • It is significant to have sun protection. Your skin is damaged with dermatitis. So, it is more prone to issues due to ultraviolet rays. Use a sunscreen product with SPF irrespective of the season or time of the year. It keeps your skin problem from worsening.

Applying Makeup On Your Skin Affected By Dermatitis

Applying Makeup On Your Skin Affected By Dermatitis
Source:The Chalkboard Mag

You may have seen several video tutorials that demonstrate applying makeup with brushes and sponges. But, with dermatitis, you have to make a smart choice. Use your clean fingers to apply the makeup. So, you can dab the makeup instead of smearing or spreading the makeup. Makeup brushes contain the hidden bacteria. It can affect your skin in an adverse manner. Even with cleaning the brush regularly, the bacteria are never removed completely. The bacteria can flare the inflammation of dermatitis affected skin. Always apply makeup on you clean and moisturized skin with clean fingers.

Covering The Red Skin

Your dermatitis may result in redness of your skin. So, what to do? You can conceal the redness with the complementary colors of the makeup. You can use the skin-safe green concealer for covering the red patches. Color corrector concealer is built to address the skin concern effectively. Read the ingredients to eliminate the presence of allergy-triggering products. You can also perform a patch test before using the product.

Wash The Makeup Before Going To Sleep

It is an important step that people with/without dermatitis need to follow. The step will help you keep the skin problems at bay. So, wash your makeup to prevent irritation or other complications on your skin. But, choosing a good make-up remover can become tricky for people with dermatitis. Some ingredients used in the makeup remover can dry your skin. It will flare the symptoms of dermatitis making the condition worse. Therefore, the solution is to find a gentle makeup remover. You need to check the main factor before buying the product:

  • Find a product that will not have an adverse impact on your skin’s natural pH level. Hence, opt for a product based on the lipids levels.
  • Choose a product that is preservative-free, fragrance-free, formaldehyde-free, and soap-free.
  • Avoid products with surfactants as it can strip your skin of the natural lipids. The surfactants are effective in removing the dirt and oil from your skin. But, the face will lose its natural hydration. So, avoid products with surfactants.

You can check the NEA (National Eczema Association) website for the approved products. It will give you a glimpse of the different products that are friendly on your skin. So, you can use the ideal facial cleanser that can keep dermatitis at bay. Some products are available over-the-counter. Hence, you can get it at reasonable prices. Skincare is easy without spending too money on costly products.


Do not let dermatitis rule the way you appear. Conquer your skin issues with the right steps. Remember that with the right products, you can enhance your visual appeal. Including high-quality products in your makeup routine will make your visual appeal alluring. So, never let dermatitis pull you back from using the cosmetics you love.

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