10 Simple Foods to Improve your Hair and Skin

Foods to Improve your Hair and Skin

For anyone who takes heed in their appearance, the quality of your hair and skin are essential aspects, to look at your best. However, it has become apparent that many individuals have noticed that their skin and hair in particular have suffered, due to their increased intake of fatty foods and from their natural aging […]

Dental Tourism – Concerns, Costs and Advice

dental tourism

Dental tourism, as the name suggests, is the concept of visiting a country for dental treatment and also experiencing a vacation in the process. It is quite similar to medical tourism, and the main reason behind people making these trips is largely a consideration of cost. Procedures such as dental implants account for the vast […]

Fallbacks In The Protection of Pregnant Womens’ Rights

Most people who are accustomed to living in countries which recognize basic human rights (which I would like to think is most people alive to day) would probably be appalled at the notion that a woman does not get to decide the circumstances under which she gives birth to her child. Yet this seemingly draconian […]

Everything about Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen and enlarged veins present in the anal canal. These veins are swollen due to increased pressure on the veins during bowel movement and also during pregnancy. There are other reasons for getting hemorrhoids, which we will discuss later. Currently, we will discuss with types of hemorrhoids. Basing on the location of hemorrhoids […]

Release Your Pains and Relax Yourself with Ayurvedic Treatments

ayurvedic treatments

Ayurveda or the Science of life is a holistic way of treating diseases, with the help of all that is available from nature. Ayurvedic treatments have no side effects and it can provide a healthy long life without giving any kind of tension to the mind. Ayurvedic treatment relaxes the mind as well as body. […]

Irregular Menstruation – Definition, Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

irregular menstruation

Periods can be annoying at times. It is responsible for the headaches that one might face. It can even make your stomach ache. Irregular periods on the other hand are even more complicated. These are also at times an indication towards some serious health issues. The menstrual cycle of each woman is different as compared […]

The Dangers Of A Sun Poisoning Rash And How To Deal With It

Sun Poisoning

Sun tan, sun burn even sun stroke are some of the sun or UV rays related problems everyone is familiar with, but there are hardly few people who know about sun poisoning. Well it does not mean you are poisoned by sun or something, but a more severe form of sunburn characterized by inflammation and […]

How Birth Control Pills Prevents Pregnancy ? Lets See How !

birth control pills prevent pregnancy

There are several ways used by many people in order to prevent pregnancy. Condoms and certain contraceptives like diaphragm, are few such ways that are used widely to prevent pregnancy. In the recent years, oral contraceptives or birth control pills are gaining massive popularity. These pills do not carry any sort of risk or any […]